Bardstown Police investigating possible abduction attempts near Cracker Barrel


Monday, Jan. 14, 2013 — Bardstown Police are investigating two possible abduction attempts that took place in the Lowe’s parking lot involving female generic_accident_crime_sceneemployees of Cracker Barrel restaurant.

On Friday afternoon, a female Cracker Barrel employee was walking to work from the area near Chili’s Restaurant when she was approached by an white van driven by an older man, 50 to 60 years of age with a scruffy beard who offered her a ride. After she refused the offer, the man persisted to try to get her into his vehicle as he drove alongside the woman. The side door of the van was open, and the woman said a second, younger man was in the back of the van, which appeared to have items consistent with a painting contractor. After spotting a man standing next to a truck in the Lowe’s parking lot, the woman told the van driver that the man by the truck was her husband, which prompted the driver to speed away from the area.

The second incident happened Saturday afternoon about 3 p.m. A different female Cracker Barrel employee was walking to her vehicle in the parking lot and noticed a white van next to her car. An older man with salt-and-pepper hair and beard was leaning into the open side door of the van. As the woman walked by, the man grabbed her arm and told the woman she was going with him.

The woman screamed, attracting the attention of a passer-by who yelled at the suspect and began walking toward the van. The man got in the van and fled the area.

Both incidents were reported to police at about 9:40 Sunday morning.

The van is described as an older white extended van, the first three letters of the license plate are JHL. The second woman described what appeared to be a type of cage behind the van’s front seats. Police consider the incidents to be related, and report the investigation is ongoing.

Police request anyone with additional information contact Bardstown Police at 348-6811 or Nelson County Dispatch, 348-3211.


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