Ordinance means non-city residents will pay a premium for city cemetery plots

Bardstown Mayor Dick Heaton swears-in new firefighter David “Big Country” Woodford, left, and Todd Spalding, right, at Tuesday’s Bardstown City Council meeting. Johnson was promoted to the position of assistant fire chief.

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Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2019 — Mayor Dick Heaton welcomed new city officials — council members Frankie Hibbs and Betty Hart and city attorney Audrey Haydon — to their first Bardstown City Council meeting of 2019.

CEMETERY PRICE CHANGES. An ordinance introduced at Tuesday’s city council meeting will increase the prices for lots in the Bardstown Cemetery — but even more so for county residents, who will pay more than city residents for a cemetery lot — in some cases, more than 40 percent.

The ordinance raised the prices on lots in the front half of the city cemetery from $500 to $950 for city residents. The price for lots in the rear half of the cemetery also increased, from $450 to $850.

For county residents, those prices are $1,200 per lot in any area of the city cemetery. For people who live outside Nelson County the lot prices are $1,500 per lot.

According to the ordinance, the purchaser must provide proof of residency in order to determine the purchase price of a lot.

The ordinance also raises prices for a baby or cremation grave (from $150 to $250); raises the price for opening and closing a grave ($500 on Monday through Friday, $700 on weekends); and raises the cost of opening and closing a baby grave or cremation from $150 to $250.

FIREFIGHTER CHANGES. Heaton conducted the swearing-in ceremony for one new firefighter joining the city fire department and the promotion of one of the department’s 15-year veterans.

Mattingly said he was promoting Todd Spalding, the former fire captain and fire marshal — and Mattingly’s “right hand man” to assistant chief and fire marshal.

Spalding is a 15-year veteran of the fire department, and told the council he looked forward to leading the fire department and helping to continue its improvement.

Mattingly introduced David “Big Country” Woodford, who has been a part-time firefighter with the Bardstown Fire Department as well as a volunteer with the Northeast Nelson and Nelson County fire departments.

FIRE DEPARTMENT STAFFING. Fire Chief Billy Mattingly said that with the new fire station established at the former Newcomb Oil property on East John Rowan, he wish to propose the promotion of his three lieutenants to the rank of captain, and the promotion of three existing firefighters to lieutenant.

The captains would be in charge at the new fire station, while the lieutenants would be in charge at the City Hall fire station.

Mattingly said there was sufficient money in the fire department budget to cover the cost of the raises the promotions would create.

The council took no vote, as the changes will need approval from the state. HR Manager Greg Ashworth said he also wanted to confirm what the additions will mean financially for the city.

COUNCIL COMMITTEES. The council approved a municipal order that establishes the members of the city council committees for the next two years.

Safety Committee. Bill Sheckles, chairman; members Betty Hart, Frankie Hibbs, Police Chief, Fire Chief.

Finance Committee. Mayor and Roland Williams, co-chairs; members Betty Hart, Bill Sheckles, chief financial officer.

Long-Term Planning Committee. Mayor – chairman; members, Joe Buckman, Frankie Hibbs, Roland Williams.

Electric and Cable TV Committee. David Dones, chairman; members, Roland Williams, Frankie Hibbs, city electrical engineer, city systems engineer, electric superintendent.

Water and Wastewater Committee. Bill Sheckles, chairman; members Betty Hart, David Dones, Frankie Hibbs, city civil engineer, administrative engineer.

Cemetery Committee. Joe Buckman, chairman; members Bill Sheckles, staff civil engineer, public works engineer, cemetery sexton, citizen member.

Street, Solid Waste and Transportation Planning Committee. Joe Buckman, chairman; members Frankie Hibbs, Roland Williams, staff civil engineer, city civil engineer.

Annexation Committee. Betty Hart, chair; members David Dones, Bill Sheckles, human resources director, city civil engineer.

Recreation Committee. Roland Williams, chair; members, Betty Hart, David Dones, recreation director.

In other business, the council approved the following reappointments:

Edward Seay to the Development Review Board, 3 year term effective 1/01/2019.

Mark Mathis to the Planning & Zoning Commission, 4 year term, effective 2/2019.

Mark Mathis to the Board of Adjustments, 4 year term, effective 2/2019.

Martin Carpenter to the Board of Adjustments, 4 year term, effective 2/2019.

Jerry Florence to the Board of Assessment Appeals, 3 year term, effective 1/01/19.

Teresa Maddox to the Housing Authority, 4 year term effective 2/12/2019.

Dixie Hibbs to the Tree Board, 3 year term, effective 1/24/2019.

NEXT UP. The council will next meet at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2019.


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