Nelson County Marriage Licenses — October 2020

Editor’s Note: The following individuals have applied for marriage licenses during the month of October 2020 at the Nelson County Clerk’s office. Marriage licenses are valid for 30 days after the date they are issued. The individual who conducts the marriage ceremony has 30 days to return the completed license to the clerk’s office. The issuance of a license by the clerk’s office does not mean the wedding ceremony has taken place or will take place. This information is public record.

Brian Scott Sanders, 28, security installer, and Kaylyn Nicole Cecil, 26, RN, both of Cox’s Creek.

Matthew Ryan Wies, 24, fresh cap associate, and Megan Nicole Monin, 27, instructional assistant, both of Bardstown.

Robert Lindsey Baker Jr., 38, dispatcher, and Alyssa Danielle Snellen, 31, access coordinator, both of Bardstown.

William Marshall Baker, 38, warehouse, and Andria Christin Hess, 25, unemployed, both of Bardstown.

William Joseph Smith, 40, pressman, and Melissa Sue Pollett, 42, nurse, both of Cox’s Creek.

Jacob Hayden Browning, 25, supervisor, and Lauren Estelle Norris, 23, admin, both of Bardstown.

Lawrence Stuart Edelen, 43, factory worker, and Tammy Renee Thompson, 47, both of Bardstown.

Ashton Jarrett Donahue, 21, oil tech, and Selena Cheyanne Thompson, 21, homemaker, both of Bardstown.

Christopher Lee Schlatter, 20, mechanic, and Brenya Nicole Burgess, 18, homemaker, both of Bardstown.

Michael Dean Lewellen, 49, factory worker, and Tammy Darnell Tipton, 47, florist, both of Bardstown.

Bradley Scott Mattingly, 30, diesel mechanic, Cox’s Creek, and Taylor Victoria Rutledge, 24, registered nurse, Louisville.

Fabian Alexander Boone, 26, bottling, and Jessica Nichole Spalding, 25, bottling, both of Bardstown.

Levi Patrick Beyl, 26, sprinkler fitter, Borden. Ind., and Lindsey Renae Kennedy, 24, front line supervisor, Pekin, Ind.

Dolton Lee Rogers, 26, truck driver, Cox’s Creek, and Mackenzie Lynn Craig, 24, mortgage specialist, Brodhead.

Rebecca Lee Castle, 40, nurse, and Ashlye Jo Comley, 42, factory, both of Bardstown.

Jimmy Arnold Greer, 49, truck driver, Bloomfield, and Crystal Denee Shadders, 46, nurse, Elizabethtown.

Duncan Alexander Pope, 26, maintenance tech, and Brittany Marke Hall, 33, patient advocate, both of Boston.

Andrew Charles Eaton, 24, dept. supervisor, Kaitlyn Parker Butler, 24, both of Bardstown.

Michael Alexander Kirsch, 25, building and systems engineer, Fairfield, and Elizabeth Carolyn Dones, 24, load planner, Bardstown.

Richard Allen Drewitz, 68, retired, Leitchfield, and Suzanne Ruth Cox, 68, retired, Boston.

Jefferson Scott Helton, 30, frame operator, and Katie Shea Nally, 28, customer service representative, both of Bardstown.

James Quinn Burman, 49, power lineman, and Crystal Lynn Rose, 49, unemployed, both of Boston.

Nicolas De Villalobos Paz, 25, grad student, and Mikayla Mason Dennison, 24, medical student, both of Lexington.

Abel Paez Avila, 47, construction, and Sue Norris, 46, sales manager, both of Bardstown.

Reid Lorenz David Nukolls, 21, cook, and Kaitlyn Michelle Mangum, 22, cashier, both of Bardstown.

Quinton Daniel Jaqua Pleasant, 22, sanitation, and Kaylee Danielle Mattingly, 22, sales rep, both of Bardstown.

Jacob Andrew Demar, 25, laborer, and Brianna Nicole Gill, 23, laborer, both of Bardstown.

Robert Charles Rives IV, 41, attorney, and Sarah Adrianne Thompson, 23, laborer, both of Cox’s Creek.

Preston Lee Cox, 20, production operator,, and Maaliyah Anisa Hodge, 20, teacher, both of Bardstown.

Benjamin Joseph Beckman, 48, machinist, and Angela Lynne Lynch, 46, office associate, both of New Haven.

Gregory Scott Daniel, 35, technician, and Jessica Rhea Healy, 33, analyst, both of Cox’s Creek.

Brandon Monroe Cornell, 34, flooring, Mount Washington, and Jill Lynette Cheser, 43, Cox’s Creek.

Bradley Allen Hinkle, 32, diesel tech, Bardstown, and Shantalice Perlette Phillips, 30, production, Elizabehtown.

Louis Anthony Clark, 30, gaming industry, and Danielle Nikole-Leigh Harner, 27, warehouse worker, both of Bardstown.


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