Nelson County Marriages — April 2021

Editor’s Note: The following individuals have applied for marriage licenses during the month of April 2021 at the Nelson County Clerk’s office. Marriage licenses are valid for 30 days after the date they are issued. The individual who conducts the marriage ceremony has 30 days to return the completed license to the clerk’s office. The issuance of a license by the clerk’s office does not mean the wedding ceremony has taken place or will take place. This information is public record.

Estil Jay Barnes, 40, unemployed, and Samantha Nicole Wallace, 33, unemployed, both of Chaplin.

Matthew Alan Henderson, 21, U.S. Army, Fort Knox, and Meighan Brianne Shay, 24, UPS, Bardstown.

Andrew Edward Beam, 22, processor, and Lauren Hailey Ballard, 23, nurse, both of Bardstown.

Jairus Dennis, 30, assembly worker, and Ashley Nicole Sneed, 30, server, both of Bardstown.

Daniel Ray Plume, 44, retired, and Dawn Marrie Gordy, 44, truck driver, both of Omaha, Nebraska.

Joseph Lee Caddell, 46, HR coordinator, and Carla Anne Cecil, 48, nurse, both of Bardstown.

Kendrick Ray Greenwell, 25, supervisor, and Natalie Rose Stivers, 23, supervisor, both of Bardstown.

Samuel Tanner Crepps, 27, security installation coordinator, and Kelsey Brooke Lyon, 27, bourbon barrel program coordinator, both of Cox’s Creek.

Robert Lee Caudill, 59, physician, and Barbara Jean Rendon, 55, business owner, both of Louisville.

Landon Allen Medley, 21, shipping, and Kelsey Lynn Abell, 20, gas station, both of Bardstown.

Shelby Anthony Mehler, 30, student, and Vivian Snow Arabella Griffy, 30, stay-at-home Mom, both of Bardstown.

Joseph Shay Coulter, 32, maintenance, and Sarah Michelle Logsdon, 28, stay-at-home Mom, both of Boston.

Jonathan David Wood, 29, HVAC technician, and Lesley Jo Satterly, 29, registered nurse, both of Bardstown.

John Anthony Dones, 69, retired, and Virginia Hazel Coy, 65, retired, both of Boston.

William Clyde Maddox Jr., 48, kitchen manager, and Latasha Ann Ringer, 33, unemployed, both of Bardstown.

Josue Alexander Sanchez, 24, basement construction, and Destiny Marie Cadena, 20, unemployed,, both of Bardstown.

Randall Thomas Henry, 42, tire technician, and Jennifer Renee Skube, 35, self-employed, both of Shepherdsville.

Dewayne Marksbury, 48, body shop, Bardstown, and Tammy Lynn Strickland, 44 sales, Springfield.

Joseph Richard Salsman, 54, construction, and Dana Michele Hammers, 52, HR, both of New Haven.

Robert Dale Chisam, 64, retired, and Dianna Lynne Lewis, 61, retired, both of Bardstown.

Jeremy Coleman Bell, 42, disabled, and Laticia Ann Thompson, 41, receptionist, both of Loretto.

Kenneth Ray Lear Sr, 35 contractor, and Haley Elizabeth Mattingly, 24, chemotherapy billing, both of Bardstown.

Derrick Scott Mattingly, 28, journeyman, and Sara Beth Moore, 30, registered nurse,, both of Bardstown.

Charles Devan Reid, 27, county employee, Bardstown, and Ashley Nicole Hood, 26, clerk, Willisburg.

Robert Shae Ellis, 29, lumber sales, and Merissa Jean Cecil, 32, nurse, both of Bardstown.

Tyler Patrick Dunn, 29, Ford Motor Co., and Mandi Diane Wells, 28, student, both of Bardstown.

Michael Tanner Allen, 28, sales, and Marissa Brianna Maurer, 25, respiratory therapist, both of Bardstown.

Trevor Austin Waldridge, 23, aircraft mechanic, Bloomfield, and Kayla Renee Sagrecy, 23, KFB PIP adjuster, Bardstown.

Caylen Drew Lovvorn, 28, concrete, and Nia Marie Cornish, 28, stay-at-home Mom, both of Mackville.

Christopher Kyle Bryan, 39, bank manager, and Krista Lynn Brady, 27, lab analyst, both of New Haven.

Delbert William LeMarr, 39, factory worker, and Crystal Leann LeMarr, 36, medical assistant, both of Bardstown.

Brock Anthony Foreman, 30, electrician, and Samantha Marie Pietrasiewicz, 29, GE, both of Bardstown.

Charles Ray Lyvers, 25, sales rep, and Mallory Brooke Veech, 25, factory worker, both of Bardstown.

Matthew Craig Fogle, 30, driver, and Jessica Lynn Abrams, 31, homemaker, both of Bardstown.

Anthony Kevin Tucker Jr., 26, driver, Taylorsville, and Christina Ann DeWitt, 24, horse trainer, Bloomfield.

Joseph Blake Bowling, 27, processor, and Tiffany Nicole Kerr, 25, homemaker, both of Bardstown.

Daniel Jene Lacy, 37, construction, Boston, and Amanda Dawn Hughes, 37, housewife, Bardstown.

Joseph Brent Downs, 28, laborer, and Savanna Anne Willett, 25, laborer, both of New Haven.

Adam Birch Donahue, 20, logistics, and Carolyn Grace Martin, 20, teacher, both of Cox’s Creek.


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