Bloomfield residents form group to oppose county schools’ community campus plan

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Sunday, Nov. 28, 2021 — In early November a group of Nelson County citizens launched the non-profit organization Nelson County Citizens Advocating Responsible Education (NCCARE) with the goal of protecting and promoting the quality of education in Nelson County, Kentucky.

“Our singular focus is to advocate for the highest quality education for the children of Nelson County School District,” said Jack Seay, president of NCCARE.

The group, concerned about the academic achievement of students in the Nelson County School District, is organizing to bring attention to these issues and to advocate for changes that provide better learning outcomes for our students.

“We want to bring the voice of the parents and citizens of Nelson County to the table to influence positive change for our kids,” said Amanda Deaton.

Classroom learning and the resources provided to teachers and students are most critical to ensuring students are receiving the education they deserve.

“The district’s test scores, at all levels — elementary, middle and high school –and in all areas, are at or below state averages and have been for a number of years. This is not what we want for our kids, and we want to advocate for better,” said Daniel Greenwell, a member of the NCCARE board of directors.

As the Nelson County Bpard pf Education considers the future facilities needs of the district, NCCARE supports the desire for improved access to learning opportunities for specific populations in the county that are underserved.

The group believes that can be achieved within the current inventory of buildings the district operates. This avoids the significant costs and the undesirable co-mingling of middle school and high school students the Community Campus Model offers, which the Local Planning Committee endorsed at its Nov. 17, 2021 meeting.

According to the Kentucky Secretary of State’s website, Bloomfield attorney Jack Seay is the group’s incorporator as well as a director. Other directors named when the corporation was formed include Amanda Rogers Deaton, Bloomfield Mayor Christopher Michael Dudgeon, Courtney M. Higdon, Debra Bohachevsky, and Susan Santa Cruz-Rogers.

The group was incorporated on Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2021.

For more information about NCCARE visit the group on Facebook.


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