Letter: More last-minute GOP shenanigans

To the Editor,

Today I received two mailers for Trey Bradley, one of the two Republican candidates for 50th District state representative. One is from the “Friends of Nelson County”. This group registered with the Kentucky Registry for Election Finance May 10th as an Unauthorized Campaign Committee. The chair is Isaac Oettle who lists himself on Linked-in as an analyst for the Republican National Committee.

Is this more shenanigans by the Republican Party establishment? Why are they hiding their support in this way? All of this in the last week before the primary election. This is just another way the Republican party provides hidden support for particular primary candidates.

I prefer the candidate who is honest and forthright. Candy Massaroni is running on her own merits. She does not need these back door deals to support her campaign. She is the candidate for the citizens of Nelson County. I prefer election, not succession.

Brenda Alexander,
Nelson County resident

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