Nelson County Marriage Licenses — October 2021

Editor’s Note: The following individuals have applied for marriage licenses during the month of October 2021 at the Nelson County Clerk’s office. Marriage licenses are valid for 30 days after the date they are issued. The individual who conducts the marriage ceremony has 30 days to return the completed license to the clerk’s office. The issuance of a license by the clerk’s office does not mean the wedding ceremony has taken place or will take place. This information is public record.

Damon Austin Gillis, 43, carpenter, Loretto, and Hannah Renee Thompson, 30, unemployed, Loretto.

Jared Rashid Hickman, 26, analyst, Nashville, Tenn., and Anna Lee Jones, 26, CPA, Nashville, Tenn.

Justin Tyler Evans, 23, contractor, Bloomfield, and Charity Gaye Watson, 29, behavior therapist, Bloomfield.

Eric Raymond Bales, 33, athletic trainer, Bardstown, and Belonda Elizabeth Haays, 36, med tech, Bardstown.

Jordan Lee Hager, 25, physical therapy associates, Bardstown, and Christina Elizabeth Rapier, 25, merchandise ambassador, Bardstown.

Tyler Wayne Scrogham, 23, FET Engineering, Bardstown, and Jessica Diane Barnes, 23, Walton family dentistry, Bardstown.

Gregory Evan Byrd, 37, fabricator, Lebanon Junction, and Kelly Michelle Simmons, 37, preschool assistant, Bardstown.

Jonathan Joseph Downs, 32, carpenter, Bardstown, and Jennifer Helen Santana, 37, corporate recruiting, Bardstown.

James Matthew White, 34, shop manager, Boston, and Ashchen Nicole Chesser, 30, unemployed, Boston.

William Scott Jeffries, 41, factory worker, Bardstown, and Tanisha Dawn Janes, 44, factory worker, Bardstown.

Robert Lee Goltz, 26, banking, Louisville, and Elizabeth Raye Shuler, 26, event planner, Louisville.

Colton Gabriel Edlin, 19, PCA, Boston, and Madison Faith Williamson, 19, ed tech, New Haven.

Ryan Patrick Osborne, 28, lawn care, Bardstown, and Hannah Noel Little, 29, occupational therapist, Bardstown.

Jonathan Ray Adams, 33, construction, Bardstown, and Kylie Lynn Ball, 26, nurse, Bardstown.

Daniel Everett Kloppenburg, 29, business manager, Sharonville, Ohio, and Margaret Ellen Downs, 25, teacher, Sharonville, Ohio.

Elisha Marvin Harned III, 24, manager, Bardstown, and Ashley Marie Anderson, 26, nurse assistant, White Mills.

Duncan Sean Brothers, 25, tool and die, Bardstown, and Destiny Paige Proctor, 25, staffing coordinator, Bardstown.

Gage Michael McGuire, 23, sub contractor, Bardstown, and Shelby Marie Yates, 20, CNA, Bardstown.

John William Culver, 29, contractor, Coxs Creek, and Mary Angela Riley, 29, teacher, Coxs Creek.

Jason Harley Randall, 38, unemployed, Bardstown, and Donna Marie Browning, 44, disabled, Bardstown.

Brandon Dylan Lucas, 26, Filcon construction, Bardstown, and Kelli Leann Fields, 25, Heaven Hill, Bardstown.

Clintin Morgan Joplin, 32, administrator, Bardstown, and Shelby Louise Spalding, 26, sonographer, Bardstown.

William Leonard Lamkin, 65, retired, Bloomfield, and Barbara Ellen Dale, 62, retired, Bloomfield.

Zechariah Edward Aubrey, 31, pipeline construction, Bardstown, and Andrea Alexis Barnett, 28, billing/accounts receivable, Bardstown.

Aren Anthony Childress, 27, logistics, Bloomfield, and Cierra Alexandria Lawson, 29, oracle recruiter analysis, Bloomfield.

Daniel Alfonzo Morales, 23, carpet technician, Bloomfield, and Kelsey Hardt Buckman, district manager trainee, Bardstown.

Joshua Robert Dewitt, 34, automation technician, New Haven, and Jennifer Leigh Boone, 39, cls provider, New Haven.

Huston Darrell Lanham, 24, purchaser, Bardstown, and Leah Natasha Mitchell, 26, medical assistant, Bardstown.

Nicholas Donald Rakes Jr, 35, paramedic, Bardstown, and Jenna Elaine Maupin, 25, RN, Bardstown.

Andrew Leo Ackley, 23, picker, Bardstown, and Madison Skye Pippin, 21, server, Bardstown.

Jay P Redfern, construction, 27, Bardstown, and Jessica Cheyenne Fowler, 24, unemployed, Bardstown.

Michael Christopher Peak Jr, 30, line worker, Bardstown, and Rachel Anne Cook, 25, line worker, Bardstown.

Jordan Douglas Rogers, 23, forklift driver, New Haven, and Chelsea Ann Humphrey, 20,unemployed, New Haven.

James Ricky Fife, 29, Driver, Bardstown, and Emma Christine Ray, 31, self employed, Bardstown.

Trevor Scott Kitchen, 22, press operator, New Haven, and Brianna Sue Hopper, 21, press operator, Coxs Creek.

Robert Michael Treanor,33, healthcare logistics, Bardstown, and Courtney Danielle Cissell, 32, unemployed, Bardstown.

William Christopher Smith, 26, maintenance, Bardstown, and Cassidy Lynn Cope, 25, Maintenance, Bardstown.

Austin Lane Morris, 23, teacher, Coxs Creek, and Sara Grace Luckett, 21, reporting specialist, Shepherdsville.

Caleb Dylan Burns, 26, tech support representative, Bardstown, and Rachel Brooke Smith, 25, warehouse worker, Bardstown.

Jeremy Andrew Chism, 32, service engineer, Coxs Creek, and Amber Caridad Graser, 32, EMT, Coxs Creek.

Thomas Leo Mudd, 27, physical therapist, Bardstown, and Mackenzie Lynn Hagan, 25, physical therapist, Bardstown.

Austin Noah Coulter, 23, Kentucky transportation cabinet, Bloomfield, and Madisyn Anne Helm, 23, assisted living, Bloomfield.

James Cory Greer, 31, warehouse employee, New Haven, and Cassandra Ladawn Goodlett, 29, unemployed, New Haven.


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