Bardstown using ‘third-party experts’ to help restore city internet services


Saturday, Sept. 3, 2022 — As of Saturday evening, internet access has been restored to most of the area’s Bardstown Connect customers following an outage that began early Friday morning.

In an updated press release issued Saturday evening, the City of Bardstown stated that its IT team identified “a network disruption that impacted certain operations and has caused some of our information systems to be offline.”

“Immediately after we learned of the disruption, we launched an investigation and third-party experts have been engaged to assist,” the press release states.
“Our IT department is working closely with these experts – and will continue working around the clock and throughout the weekend – to fully investigate and remediate this incident and to restore our systems as quickly as possible.”

CITY WEBSITES STILL MIA. And while internet access was largely restored for Bardstown Connect customers, the city’s websites — including the official City of Bardstown website and the Bardstown Connect website — were still offline as of 8 p.m. Saturday. Attempts to visit both sites still showed “under construction” placeholders.

Screen shot of one of the placeholder pages that replaced the city’s Bardstown Connect website home page. The city’s websites have been offline since approximately 3 a.m. Saturday morning.

Some customers were still reporting the recurring loss of their internet connections. Customers are asked to disconnect the power to their cable modem and router for 30 seconds and then reconnect them to reset the connections.

Customers reported more lost connections and the inability to check their City of Bardstown email accounts. A response by Bardstown Connect states that the city IT team is still working to fully restore the city’s email services.

While many customers have their service restored, the city has advised that some customers may still experience intermittent service disruptions while work continues to resolved all of the issues related to this outage.

Other than a reference to “a network disruption,” the city has not offered specifics about the issues surrounding the outage, which for some customers, has lasted more than 39 hours.

The city also did not identify who its “third-party” experts were, or what their areas of expertise may be in assisting the city.


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