Letter: Shelburne blasts Hutchins for spreading ‘lies and misinformation’

To the editor,

As I travel around this county meeting the great people who live here, I am always amazed at how connected this community is. Our connections and relationships run deep and there is a lot of value in that. Unfortunately, I have a candidate running against me that couldn’t care less about the values that we most cherish.

I have found yet another negative mailer that is full of lies and misinformation. My opponent conveniently blasts a picture of me and Charles Booker hosted by the local Democratic Women but fails to show me at a event hosted by the Republican Women with former Lt. Governor Jenean Hampton who served with Republican Governor Matt Bevin. It is also just as convenient to take a sound bite and twist my words.

This behavior from a candidate and the bullying that have been reported to me is unconscionable

The fact that my opponent displays complete lack of understanding of Industrial Revenue Bonds is also disturbing. The fact that $500 million of IRBs have been passed by Fiscal Court is great news for our county. That means that there have been $500 million of investments have been secured by our county. That means good paying jobs and small businesses can grow and thrive in addition to all the downstream revenue that benefits us all.

With all the misinformation, half truths, and complete lack of basic economics coming from my opponent, it makes me shudder to think that he is even running for County Judge Executive.

Eric Shelburne, 5th District Magistrate
candidate for Nelson County judge executive

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