Letter: Writer says Tim Hutchins is his choice for Nelson County judge executive

To the editor,

Tim Hutchins has participated in eight elections and won six of those. I have witnessed his passion for our Nelson County communities and even politics itself. Politics, even in small towns, requires a thick skin, and frankly all the whining of Tim’s opponent is getting a little old and ridiculous.

Regardless of how many allegations his opponent alludes to, Tim is not in this race for the “self-serving purposes” or money – he doesn’t need it. And, if he wants to spend it on an election, I don’t see where it is anyone’s business.

When Tim questions his opponent’s record on Nelson County Fiscal Court, his opponent suggests that Tim doesn’t understand “modern economic incentive packages.” I assure you, Tim understands. He has been a self-made businessman for 40 years. However, Tim does not agree with scratching the back of big business while trampling the hardworking citizens of this county.

With all the “breaking news” clips of the past week that Tim’s opponent has participated in, I would ask, is it breaking news when the previous magistrate of District 2, who attempted to provide questionable county services in his district but was blocked by Tim approximately 13 years ago on Fiscal Court and was then defeated in his own magisterial race, and now endorses Tim’s opponent? Is it newsworthy when a business owner who Tim defeated in two magistrate elections decides to come out in favor of Tim’s opponent? Sounds like sour grapes. Instead of breaking news, it sounds like a desperate attempt for a man to deny his voting record, deny being seen clapping for an extreme left wing liberal and deny that he has talked about raising taxes.

The election strategy that Tim’s opponent has participated in has been questionable. His hypocrisy knows no bounds as he makes personal, hateful attacks in one breath and then in the next one is talking about his integrity and his spirituality. It looks to me that some of Tim’s political strategies and printed words have been copied by Tim’s opponent. If Tim’s opponent can’t come up with his own words, I really don’t feel confident in him being able to run Nelson County on his own – maybe that’s his plan – to be managed by the same old clique and elite of the county that we’ve had for a long time. If this happens, Nelson County will pay a very high price.

None of us are perfect, including Tim Hutchins, but he is one of the most generous people I have ever known. He is a straight shooter and says what he means and means what he says. I know that Tim will make a great Nelson County Judge Executive.

William “Jonesie” Jones

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