Letter: Judge unapologetic for use of ‘fiery rhetoric’ aimed at bourbon industry

To the editor,

Historically, Jim Brooks and I have agreed on most subjects.  However, I do not agree with some of his opinions posted in the Gazette on May 1st.  Because of a technical error in the April 14th meeting, the Magistrates felt that the first reading of the Zoning Moratorium should have been rescinded and that it would be voted on at a later date.   I was in full agreement with this decision due to the technical error as I want the Magistrates to be comfortable and have full understanding of this and any topic that they are voting. 

While “my fiery rhetoric” that Mr. Brooks brought up in his column may have been uncomfortable for some in the room and within our community, it was completely factual.  I will not apologize for stating facts, especially unpleasant ones that have adversely affected the citizens that I was elected to protect.  My goal then and today is to give the citizens of this county a voice – a voice that has been silenced since 2015.  Any developer, builder, commercial, industrial, business or resident must go through public hearings and the Planning and Zoning process for public input.  I believe that the Bourbon Industry should have the same rules as anyone else.  And I believe that most of the citizens in Nelson County agree.

While reading the remainder of the May 1st article, it appears that the comments made by Magistrate Snow were in complete agreement with my views.  In addition, Mr. Brooks’s opinion on my relationship with Magistrate Jon Snow and the other magistrates insinuated that we are not in agreement with this and other topics.   I have a very good relationship with every Magistrate on the court.  We may not always agree on policy or implementation, but we are all professionals with the best interests of Nelson County. 

Tim Hutchins
Nelson County Judge-Executive

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