Letter: The attack on Faith has been a long time in the making

To the editor,

As someone who has embraced the Catholic faith throughout my life, I find it important to share my thoughts and concerns regarding recent developments that have caused me to reflect deeply on the values we hold dear.

From my upbringing in Catholic schools to raising my own family with the same faith, I have always been a firm believer in the Bible and its teachings. However, I am acutely aware that not everyone shares these beliefs or chooses to acknowledge a higher power, and I have consistently respected these differences. Whenever the opportunity has arisen, I’ve lent an open ear to conversations about religion, offering comfort through scripture when appropriate, but always mindful not to impose my beliefs on anyone.

I strongly believe in the individual’s right to hold diverse beliefs, as long as they don’t personally affect me or impede the way I’m raising my children. This mutual respect for differing viewpoints has served as a foundation for harmonious interactions over the years. However, recent times have given rise to challenges that have left me contemplating the state of our faith and values. Our children are now exposed to things that 10 years ago we would not want an 18-year-old to see. The worst part about this is that its being done without any parental consent.

It’s disheartening to observe instances where community leaders suggest that keeping one’s Catholic beliefs or belief in God private is preferable. Simultaneously, these leaders promote ideologies that may not align with many religious beliefs but choose not to keep those private. It appears that while they’re entitled to disagree with us, we are often expected to remain silent. Even when we express our differences, we risk being labeled as ‘evil’ or ‘radical’ individuals. Furthermore, the pressure to conform to certain beliefs, particularly when raising our children, has intensified.

The moral fabric in my opinion has been slowly eroding and this is particularly due to the further and further people have turned away from God and his teachings. The Bible offers a great instruction on the “do’s and don’s” of a society, i.e., the 10 Commandments. When you don’t fear judgment from God, then you don’t fear judgment from society, and ultimately judgment from your parents.

This seems contrary to the principles our Founding Fathers envisioned for our nation. The United States was built on a foundation of freedom of thought and expression, valuing diverse perspectives and allowing them to coexist harmoniously. The current atmosphere of silencing certain viewpoints goes against these values and the essence of open dialogue.

Moreover, I’ve encountered the belief that science and religion cannot coexist, which I disagree with. I firmly believe that science and faith can go hand in hand. The intricacies of the universe, the Earth, and all that we observe cannot be dismissed as mere accidents. Just as possessing something requires its creation and engineering by someone, the same principle applies to our existence.

In closing, I wanted to share these thoughts with you as a fellow believer in the importance of open discourse and mutual respect. While I recognize the challenges we face, I remain committed to engaging in conversations that bridge gaps and foster understanding. Our ability to embrace differing perspectives while upholding our values is a testament to the strength of our society.

Justin Hall


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