Letter: Writer highlights county’s progress under new Judge-Executive’s leadership

Dear Editor,

Last November Nelson County voters elected the first Republican Judge Executive.  Some voters pointed out that while their own values might not be currently represented in the Whitehouse, what did matter was that our county leaders are strong and competent.  I must point out the astounding progress ushered in when this current judgeship began last November.

Since taking office Judge Executive Tim Hutchins and his energetic and bi-partisan court have realized 5 major areas of progress for the people of the county:

SAVING MONEY. The realignment of County personnel has saved Nelson County more than $270,000.  Adding the inmate service program to county works has lightened the burden on the budget by as much as $157,000, and health insurance negotiation and improvements for county employees will save the county a projected $600,000, coordination of operational costs with the county, the jail and EMS has also saved Nelson County approximately $500,000.

INCREASED PUBLIC SAFETY WAGES. The growing population has increased the pressure on our police, fire, EMS, and dispatch.  Larger departments and municipal governments are not far away and it is of the utmost importance that we retain our county’s best for these jobs. Wage increases have increased Nelson County’s ability to compete with neighboring regions for the best talent.

GRANTS. Applications have been a decided focus of the county government.  Nelson County has many needs which it may be best to find funds for with existing grants and foundations.  Bringing more money into the county should always be a focus and up to this point the Judge Executive’s office has already completed a record amount of $2.1 million in grant requests.

ROAD IMPROVEMENTS. Some of our new improvements you can come in contact with every day as you drive over our newly improved county roads.  A record resurfacing in the amount of 1.4 million dollars has improved Nelson Countians safety and overall driving experience.

ZONING. Changes to the process for zoning approval of Rickhouse construction has created a county where each and every business stands on equal footing.  Whether you are a multibillion-dollar global corporation or a cabinetmaker, your process for getting zoning construction permits is the same.  Citizens also now have an opportunity to voice their opinion.  

We are not yet finished with the first year of Judge Hutchins’ term.  I voted for the judge – I’m proud to say it.  

The last few years have shown that the winds of change are buffeting our world.  At times like this, it is important to focus on our local community and to make sure that our day-to-day is always working and always livable. Nelson County, we have the right man for the job.

Michael Monaghan

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