Flaget Hospital hosts third annual ‘Blessing of the Rigs’ for local first responders

Flaget Memorial Hospital Chaplain Ed Lane blesses a Nelson County EMS ambulance during Thursday’s “Blessing of the Rigs” event held at all CHI St. Joseph facilities statewide.

Nelson County Gazette / WBRT Radio

Thursday, Nov. 16, 2023 — First responders and their emergency response vehicles were the highlight of an event midday Thursday at Flaget Memorial Hospital in Bardstown.

Flaget hosted its third-annual “Blessing of the Rigs” on the hospital grounds near the emergency department as a way of letting first responders know they are cared for and appreciated.

First responders who stopped by also had a snack lunch and some free gear to take with them.

Tabitha Yates, the emergency department manager, said the event was all about making sure first responders know the hospital supports them and has their back.

“We want them to know that we at Flaget and Common Spirit, value what they do.”

Fire apparatus from the Bardstown Fire Department line up with their crews during the “Blessing of the Rigs” event on Thursday. Click to enlarge image.

Flaget Hospital Chaplain Ed Lane said that years ago when he was a deputy sheriff, an event like this would have been important “just to know that there were people who were on our side,” he said.

“I think it means the same for these folks today, particularly in today’s times. These folks need to know they are appreciated and loved.

In addition to a non-denominational blessing of the equipment, Lane also blessed the first responders who use the rigs.

“In the military, it’s important for troops going into battle to have a chaplain bless them so they know that if something happens to them, they’ll be taken care of.”

The “Blessing of the Rigs” was an event that took place Thursday at all CHI St. Joseph facilities across Kentucky.

According to CHI St. Joseph, first responders daily give selflessly of themselves in times of urgent need to those in the community they serve, and the “Blessings” event acknowledges the value these men and women bring to serving their fellow citizens.


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