Town & Country Bank warns customers who may receive fake text messages


Monday, April 15, 2024 — Town & Country Bank and Trust Co. is warning customers of fake text messages being received by bank customers warning them of possible fraud charges on their bank debit cards.

According to the bank, a number of bank customers have received text messages advising them that a charge of several hundred dollars was charged to their debit card from a variety of retailers, including CVS, Best Buy and Walmart.

The message includes a link and asks the customer to confirm the charge by clicking the link and confirming or denying the charge.

The message is an attempt to obtain customers’ online banking information.

Town & Country Bank reminds customers that the bank would never send a text message asking customers to input their bank information.

Customers who have received a text message and clicked the link are asked to contact the bank’s Customer Resoucre Center to have your banking password changed.

For more information, contact the bank at (502) 348-3911.


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