Your banner ad on The Nelson County Gazette will be seen daily by thousands of visitors, most of whom return once or more each day. Click to enlarge.

The numbers tell the tale — The Nelson County Gazette is one of the fastest-growing news websites in Nelson County! The Gazette offers advertisers a variety of placement options on its desktop and mobile website.

SITEWIDE ADVERTISING. More than 80 percent of the Gazette readers visit the site on their phone or mobile device. We have advertising solutions that can deliver your banner ad to thousands of readers every day. Your mobile banner ad buy also gives you sitewide coverage on the desktop version of the Nelson County Gazette.

CATEGORY / PAGE ADVERTISING. The Gazette can place your ad on specific category pages — News, Deaths, Education, etc. Call (502) 784-9914 for details!

RATES. Advertising on the Nelson County Gazette is affordable, with advertising solutions that can fit your budget. Prices includes banner creation and linking your banner to your social media page or web site at no cost. You have full control over your advertising; nothing will be done without your approval.

RESERVE YOUR BANNER LOCATION TODAY. For details on advertising on The Nelson County Gazette contact: or call (502) 784-9914.


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