Latest Nielsen ratings show WBRT leading other stations in listenership


Thursday, April 2, 2015 — The 2015 Nielsen ratings released March 30 show that WBRT is not only the most listened to radio station in Nelson County, but it achieved its highest listenership ratings ever.

WBRT-60-2-1Not only does WBRT have the largest audience at any given time of the weekday, but the ratings show it reaches more people than any other local radio station.

The survey results from Nielsen — the largest and most respected radio and television ratings company — provided proof that WBRT’s continued efforts at reaching out to the varied interests of Bardstown and Nelson County residents is exceptionally effective. The station’s commitment to being a community focused radio station — as reinforced by its original slogan of “Hometown Radio” has resulted in the continued growth of the WBRT audience.

WBRT reaches more 13,000 Nelson County residents each week according to Nielsen — reflects both the largest audience of any radio station in Nelson County and WBRT’s largest cumulative audience ever obtained.

Roth Stratton, WBRT managing partner, said that the Nielsen results exceeded the expectations of the station’s owners, the Bardstown Radio Team. Not only did the WBRT audience grow in both categories measured, but that growth came as listeners shifted from other local radio stations to WBRT.

Stratton also complimented the efforts of the WBRT staff of announcers who provide the link between the radio station and the local community.

Stratton said you can see where the audience shifted from by comparing results from previous years to the latest results. When stations try to take your audience by making changes, it sometimes backfires and you end up getting their “former” listeners to try you and they like what they hear. Stratton said that is apparently the case as WBRT gained what some other stations lost in audience numbers.

WBRT Radio is now heard on four different mediums; 1320 AM, 97.1 FM, online at www.wbrtcountry.com, and several hours each day on BRTV, Bardstown Cable Channel 19.

Having just celebrated 60th anniversary of WBRT 1320 AM, the station is preparing to recognize Gerald Smith, president of the Bardstown Radio Team, for his 50th year of being associated with radio. Smith’s first media job was 50 years ago this June when he went to work with Fred Hagan at WBRT.


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