Sheriff: Crystal Rogers is likely dead, names Brooks Houck sole suspect




Oct. 16, 2015, 8 p.m. — Following a press conference by Mayor John Royalty¬†Friday¬†to announce the firing of Bardstown Police Officer Nick Houck, Nelson County Sheriff Ed Mattingly revealed new details about the investigation into the disappearance of Crystal Rogers.

Mattingly told reporters Friday afternoon that Rogers, missing since July 3, is likely dead, and that her boyfriend, Brooks Houck, is the sole suspect in her disappearance. Mattingly said he had eight pages of circumstances that point in the Houck’s direction.

Mattingly said Rogers was close to her family, and the lack of any contact with her family likely means Rogers is dead.

Not only did Mattingly say Brooks Houck is the sole suspect in the case, he told the media he believes Brooks Houck’s brother, former officer Nick Houck, knows what happened to Rogers.



In the order firing Houck from his police officer job, Mayor John Royalty wrote that Nick Houck did not cooperate with police in the Rogers investigation, and made disparaging comments about other officers and the justice system during an interview with Kentucky State Police investigators.

Rogers’ family have frequently told the media that they believe Brooks Houck is a suspect in the case. Roger’s mother told media in July that a year earlier, Rogers told her that if she ever disappeared her mother should look at her boyfriend as the prime suspect.

Mattingly said when enough evidence is gathered against Brooks Houck, he will be arrested.


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