BBB Hot Topics: Jury duty, IRS, reshipping scams still active in region


Saturday, July 8, 2017 — The Louisville office of the Better Business Bureau is alerting consumers to be aware of these latest scams that are finding new victims in the region.

JURY DUTY. If you receive a phone call saying you missed jury duty, hang up! Local consumers have reported phone calls from the “sheriff’s office,” threatening them with jail time for missing jury duty. Scammers demand payment over the phone with prepaid debit cards or gift cards to avoid arrest. This is a scam!

UTILITY PAYMENTS. Don’t fall for the current utility scam. A local consumer was told their services would be cut off unless they purchased prepaid debit cards to pay an outstanding balance. The consumer contacted LG&E directly and discovered there was no balance.

IRS TAXES. The IRS tax collection scams are still happening! Local consumers are receiving phone calls from the IRS, demanding payment over the phone for overdue taxes. If you don’t pay, they threaten jail time or a lawsuit. Hang up immediately!

READER’S DIGEST. Scammers are calling consumers claiming to be from the Reader’s Digest prize department. They tell consumers they have won thousands of dollars and all they have to do is send in a small fee to cover taxes before they can receive their prize. Don’t fall for it!

COMPUTER SCAM. Local residents continue to fall for computer tech scams. If you receive a call from someone who wants remote access to fix a “problem” with your computer, don’t do it. They will charge a fee and download malware or spyware on your computer to steal your information.

RESHIPPING SCAM. If you are searching for work-at-home jobs, don’t fall for a reshipping scam. Scammers offer job opportunities to make easy money by receiving packages, checking the contents, then repackaging them for shipment to different addresses. However, these items may have been purchased with stolen credit cards, so stay away!

HOME REPAIR SCAMS. Consumers are reporting door-to-door sales from fake asphalt, home security, or roofing companies, offering reduced rates for their services. They require payment up front before they begin work and are often pushy and demanding. Before you hire a company, be sure to check out the business first at bbb.org.

ALDI COUPON. If you’ve seen a Facebook coupon for $75 at Aldi, don’t fall for it. This “anniversary coupon” link will send you to a phishing site that asks for your personal information and requires you to sign up for credit cards or enroll in subscription programs.

CREDIT CARD SKIMMERS. Beware of card skimmers in self-checkout lanes or self-serve gas stations. Scammers are installing the skimmers to collect data from your debit or credit cards. Tape is often used to attach these skimming devices. If something looks suspicious, alert a manager immediately.

FACEBOOK AIRLINE TICKETS. Don’t fall for free airline ticket posts on Facebook. This post provides a link to a fake sign-up page. You put in your personal information, share the post with friends, and never receive the tickets. Don’t fall for it!

For more information, visit the Better Business Bureau website, https://www.bbb.org/


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