City council to consider tax rates, cable/internet rates at Tuesday meeting


Monday, Aug. 7, 2017 — The Bardstown City Council will hold its first regular meeting of the month Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. in the council chambers next to the Rec Center on Xavier Drive behind Spalding Hall.

Of interest on the meeting agenda is a discussion about setting the 2017 tax rates on personal property and real estate. The council has three options when it comes to the tax rate.

1. Accept the “compensating rate,” or the tax rate that creates approximately the same amount of tax revenue as last year. The compensating rates are 17.9 cents per $100 value on real estate and 18.92 cents per $100 value on personal property.

2. Leave the tax rates the same as last year — 18.2 cents and 19.12 cents per $100 for real estate and personal property, respectively. Due to an increase in property assessments in the city, last year’s tax rate will produce a tax revenue increase of $123,475. This option will require a public hearing because it represents an increase in tax revenue from last year.

3. Set the tax rate to create a 4 percent revenue increase. This tax rate is 18.6 and 19.66 cents per $100 value for real estate and personal property, respectively. The new tax rates would produce a tax revenue increase of $136,495, and will require a public hearing prior to final approval.

CABLE / INTERNET RATE CHANGES. The council will review an ordinance that proposes to raise the rate for the city’s cable internet service while reducing the monthly cost of the city’s cable TV service. During discussions about the proposal, Jeff Mills, city electrical engineer, said the ordinance’s intent is to shift some of the cable TV infrastructure’s cost to the high-speed internet service. Subscribers who get both the city’s TV and internet service will have the internet rate increase offset by the drop in the cost of the cable TV rate.

COUNCIL TRAVEL POLICY CHANGE. The council will also consider a change to its existing policy regarding reimbursement for travel and education expenses. Each council member has $1,000 for travel and training reimbursement. The proposed change will mean the city will pay directly for council members who wish to attend the annual League of Cities fall conference. Payment for the conference will not be charged against the council members’ annual travel and training budget allocation.

WATER TREATMENT PLANT. The council will also review and approve change orders affecting upgrades for the city’s water treatment plant.

The council’s meeting starts at 7 p.m. Tuesday evening. Visit the Nelson County Gazette later Tuesday evening for the full report on the council’s actions.


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