Icy road conditions lead to dozens of calls from stranded motorists overnight


Monday, Jan. 8, 2018 — The rain, sleet and freezing rain that fell across Nelson County Sunday night and into Monday left a hazardous glaze of ice and black ice on the county’s roadways that led to dozens of reported and unreported non-injury accidents.

First-responders have continued to respond to weather-related accidents through mid-morning Monday. Most calls for service have been on secondary roads.

But overnight, first-responders were overwhelmed with calls for service from all over the county, including major thoroughfares. Police, fire and EMS had to deal with nearly impassable road conditions while trying to aid stranded and injured motorists.

State and county road crews were called out to treat some of the county’s trouble spots, particularly the Bluegrass Parkway near the 34 mile marker. At one point early Monday, there were more than a dozen vehicles off the road in one area of the parkway due to the ice. A salt truck was requested in order for wreckers to have traction to pull stranded vehicles back onto the roadway.

Untreated secondary roads may remain icy through the day as rain and sometimes freezing rain will continue through midday Monday. The high temperature is expected to hit 39 degrees before dropping Monday night to a low of 32. Untreated roadways are likely to re-freeze overnight.

Tuesday’s high temperature is 43 degrees, with a 30 percent chance of rain showers Tuesday night and a low temperature of 39 degrees.


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