Letter: Need to look at mass shooting incidents from a ‘higher perspective’

To The Editor,

“Emotion, like memory, is a traitor”

For a story to be believable it must be coherent, with no contradictions, and no anomalies – things that have no reasonable explanation other than coincidence. Any documents and photos must support the official story. “Common sense?” Not really.

The reality is that none of the terrorism events conform to these basic principles, but all follow most of the 15 elements of the false flag formula.

A simple definition of the term is, “I wound myself, or pretend to, and blame it on an enemy.”

I am not debating whether or not people were killed at Parkland; anyone can judge for themselves. I am pointing out that the truth is available, but has not been told. Once we invest feelings in images, or in projections of the mind, logical thinking is impossible. Those who understand MK-Ultra, for example, say this is basic to mind control.

Last November, a terrorism event “close to Fort Lauderdale Airport” was predicted by a man who has been researching crimes for 30 years, Ole Dammegard. He predicted the Benton, Ky., school shooting, “between Fort Knox and Paducah” and many others, one to the exact date. This is well-documented, and available on his website, lightonconspiracies.com.

Was this man, who lives in Sweden, simply lucky in predicting an event months in advance? It seems obvious that the events are being staged, if someone can predict them. We need to reconcile this through critical thinking, not emotionalism.

Ole says, “these alleged attacks in multiple countries have a coordinated global agenda, and are carried out by the same force. No need to investigate more ‘lone, crazy nuts’, instead we need to look at this from a higher perspective.”

He predicts another event “near where JFK was murdered,” perhaps the Majestic Theater, 3/18/18. There is a shooting drill planned that day, and every shooting event so far has had a drill a few days before, or even during the event, like Parkland. Of course, his predictions may cancel any attacks.

I know from experience that few people are interested in learning more. As the author of “The God of Small Things,” Arundhati Roy, said, “You can wake a person who is sleeping, but not one who is pretending to sleep,”

Joe Bickett
Bardstown 40004

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