Nelson County Marriage Licenses — March 2018

Editor’s Note: The following individuals have applied for marriage licenses during the month of March 2018 at the Nelson County Clerk’s office. Marriage licenses are valid for 30 days after the date they are issued. The individual who conducts the marriage ceremony has 30 days to return the completed license to the clerk’s office. The issuance of a license by the clerk’s office does not mean the wedding ceremony has taken place or will take place. This information is public record.

Paige Renee Owens, 26, factory worker, and Jacob Paul Cundiff, 27, unemployed, both of Bardstown.

Marcia Lynn Crabtree, 64, sales, Louisville, and Raymond Nicholas Boone, 75, business owner/farmer, Boston.

Cassi Marie Hardin, 31, Dental hygienist and Chad Anthony Blandford, 32, industrial electrician, both of Bardstown.

Stephanie Lynn Hamilton, 35, taxi driver, and James Garland Green Jr, 42, construction, both of Bardstown.

Felicia Dawn Hall, 38, homemaker, and Christopher Jason Beavers, 28, factory worker, both of Bardstown.

Stephanie Lillian Probus, 28, medical assistant, and Donald Russell Johnson, 25, police officer, both of Cox’s Creek.

Casey Jo Ballard, 26, CNA, and Steven Allen Vicario Jr., 28, plumbing, both of Bardstown.

Erica Ann Garza, 33, at home mother, and Justin Daniel Blanton, 32, welder/fabricator, both of Bardstown.

Wendy Lei Ritchey Devine, 48, finance manager, and Jeramie Dwayne Rogers, 32, landscape crew leader, both of Willisburg.

Eva Catherine Brumback, 22, warehouse, and David John Leroy, 29, truck driver, both of Lebanon Junction.

Nichole Marie Petree, 23, assembly worker, and Douglas Anthony Brownfield, 24, assembly worker, both of Elizabethtown.

Connie Frances Ross, 54, unemployed, and Mark David Watkins, 50, tree service foreman, both of Cox’s Creek.

Cheryl Ann Warner Ishmiel, 59, chief deputy recorder, and Daniel Jo Gillespie, 68, truck driver, both of Clifton, 60927.

April Dominique O’Bryan, 34, radiologic technology and Randy Scott Tonge, 34, factory worker, both of Bardstown.

Pamela Christine Spolski, 37, nurse, and Michael Alan Stalcup, 32, warehouse worker, both of Bardstown.

Ashley Brothers Keeling, 34, assistant executive director, and Michael Vernie Cassity, 31, maintenance, both of Bardstown.

Anna Gayle Jones Osborne, 69, registered nurse, and David Milton Hobbs, 68, retired, both of Bardstown.

Jennifer Marie Hamilton, 43, diet clerk, Loretto, and William Louis Davis, 42, SSI, of New Haven.

Bailey House, 21, Boone’s Butcher Shop, and Zackary Alan Dobson, 27, Toyotomi teamleader, 27, both of Bardstown.

Kirsten Michelle Cecil, 25, RN, and Joseph Martin Gootee, 26, Heaven Hill Distillery, both of Bardstown.

Amanda Marie St. Clair, 29, general manager, and Nicholas Alexander Shanks, 32, quality engineer, both of Bardstown.


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