Nelson County Marriage Licenses — April 2018

Editor’s Note: The following individuals have applied for marriage licenses during the month of April 2018 at the Nelson County Clerk’s office. Marriage licenses are valid for 30 days after the date they are issued. The individual who conducts the marriage ceremony has 30 days to return the completed license to the clerk’s office. The issuance of a license by the clerk’s office does not mean the wedding ceremony has taken place or will take place. This information is public record.

Brianna Evelyn Logsdon, 24, social worker, and Chad William Ferrill, 28, electrician, both of Cox’s Creek.

Barbara Jane Cambron, 69, retired hairdresser, Bardstown, and Charles Thomas Riggs, 72, contractor, Boston.

Vanessa Carol Downing, 42, bookkeeper, and Kory Michael Clark, 43, warehouse, both of Bardstown.

Kelsey Jo Downs, 25, sonographer, Cody Vance Bishop, 28, machinist, both of Bloomfield.

Bridget Nicole Miller, 20, unemployed, and Cody Labree Tillett, 26, masonry, both of Bardstown.

Jacque Gene Shepherd, 48, sales associate, and Sidney Keylon Stucker, 79, retired, both of Bloomfield.

Annette Ray Dempley, 52, distribution, Stanley Wayne Dempley Jr., 49, maintenance, both of Bardstown.

Kellie Lorraine Davis, 43, homemaker, and Robert Darrin Edlin, 45, manager, both of Bardstown.

Donna Kay Yankey, 42, factory worker, and Joshua Emanuel Howlett, 33, factory worker, both of Boston.

Damaris Pagan Latorre, 44, shipping, and Hiram Sanchez Rodriguez, 37, electrician, both of Bardstown.

Desire Ann Calhoun, 27, unemployed, of Louisville, and Kenneth Lee Tilley, 36, construction worker, of Bardstown.

Chelsey Rennee Sievert, 24, registered nurse, and Dylan Thomas Stratton, 26, barber, both of Bardstown.

Syndey Mae Sams, 23, unemployed, and Cody Louis Bunnell, 23, production work, both of Bardstown.

Angela Marie Drexler, 41, realtor, and Dana Caryl Kays, 46, pharmacist, both of Bardstown.

Jeannine Marie Wheeler, 36, banking, and Daniel David Coulter, 42, banking, both of Bardstown.

Courtney Renee Hillard, 21, CNA, and Austin Hunter Hahn, 19, AAA driver, both of Bardstown.

Kassidy Shayne Wilson, 20, store key holder, Bloomfield, and Ethan Blake Roby, 19, cashier, New Haven.

Megan Aurora Edlin, 19, certified nurse’s aide, Boston, and Samuel David Wethington, 21, service technician, Cox’s Creek.

Melissa Lynn Bischoff, 30, office manager, and Joshua Ryan Jacobs, 35, mechanic, both of Bardstown.

Morgan Leigh Humes, 23, stay at home mom, and Justin Mitchell Frye, 26, foreman, both of Louisville.

Kristen Rochelle Nalley, 20, sales associate, and Michael Daniel Prather, 25, team leader, both of Bardstown.

Jennifer Rose Jackson, 37, housewife, and Joseph Derek Hicks, 36, factory, both of Bardstown.

Lauren Marie Pfost, 23, Gould’s Discount Medical, and Derrick Steven Carrico, 27, Toyotomi, both of Bardstown.

Lora Lynn Fairfax, 62, bus driver, and Joseph Eugene Reynolds, 59, retired, both of Bardstown.

Katherine Marie Carrico, 26, farm office, and Thomas Aaron Blanford, 28, stamping team leader, both of Loretto.

Samantha Brooke Spalding, 28, Grooming by Nicole, Willisburg, and Nathan Wayne Harris, 35, mechanic truck driver, Bloomfield.

Madeline Lynnette Dant, 24, crop insurance agent, and Joseph Barnett Peake, 25, defensive coordinator/teacher, both of Bardstown.


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