Letter: Fiscal Court should add Woodlawn golf course to county park property

To the Editor

As I left my home this morning for work, I could not help but notice what appeared to be a family of three jogging along the cart paths of the now defunct Woodlawn Springs Golf Course. It was a pleasure to see, and a reminder of why our Fiscal Court of Nelson County should consider acquiring the property as an addition to our parks and recreation department.

Given its proximity to the current Dean Watts Park — separated only by Woodlawn Road — it would be a somewhat contiguous addition to our existing parks and recreation department. As outlined in the most recent comprehensive plan commissioned by Fiscal Court, our county is largely underserved for parks and green space areas. Most of the infrastructure is in place to easily convert the property from a golf course to a nature preserve. The use possibilities are endless!

The cart paths could be used for jogging or walking trails and possibly cross-country meets for our school student athletes. The clubhouse with restrooms and meeting areas could be used for civic gatherings and to promote nature education. These are just a few ideas for the property’s use.

Most importantly, now is the time for our representatives on Fiscal Court to act by taking the lead in addressing an important underserved need for all Nelson County residents, and in doing so, take what is perceived as a negative impact in our community and making it a place where our families can go to spend time together and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Please join me in encouraging our leaders to lead while the opportunity exists.

Phillip Mouser
Bardstown, Ky.

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