Better Business Bureau lists latest scams targeting Central Kentucky


Tuesday, June 12, 2018 — The Louisville office of the Better Business Bureau has issued a list of some of the latest scams that are making the rounds in Kentuckiana area in the past month or so.

JURY DUTY. If you receive a call saying you missed jury duty, hang up! Local consumers are receiving calls saying they are going to be arrested for missing jury duty. These scammers claim to be with the sheriff’s office and demand money over the phone to avoid arrest.

CRAIGSLIST. Are you selling a car on Craigslist? Be wary of buyers asking to run a vehicle report through a specific website that they provide. These sites may not only charge a fee (to the seller) but also ask for personal information which may open you up to identity theft.

SCAM BNB? Watch out for rental scams! Renters are finding great deals on properties, only to find out the “owner” is out of town and wants a security deposit wired upfront. The renter later finds out the property is not available and is out the money.

GOVT. GRANT? Don’t fall for the free government grant scam. Consumers are being told they qualify for these “free” grants because they pay their bills on time or have never been arrested. All you have to do is give an upfront payment for taxes and fees and you receive thousands in return.

UNKNOWN TEXT? Did you get a text message from an unknown number with a link? If you click on it, you may be downloading malware or spyware onto your mobile device. Many providers offer spam text reporting, so contact your carrier for more information.

CARD SKIMMERS. Beware of card skimmers/shimmers in checkout lanes at the store or gas stations. Scammers are installing these units to collect data from your debit or credit cards. Whether you swipe or use the chip, watch for anything that looks suspicious or out of place.

A FREE CRUISE IS NOT. If you get an offer for a free cruise, stay away! Several local consumers have received robocalls offering a free cruise in exchange for personal information or small upfront fees. Remember, if the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

PACKAGE ALERTS. Beware of fake emails from UPS and FedEx saying your package was not delivered. These emails provide a link to a phishing site which asks for your personal information. Don’t fall for it!

DEBT COLLECTION CALL. Don’t fall for phony debt collection calls. Consumers are being told they have outstanding debts, and scammers are demanding payment over the phone to avoid arrest or legal action. Don’t fall for these threatening tactics – ask the company to send you something in the mail.

MICROSOFT TECH SUPPORT. Have you gotten a call or email from Microsoft Tech Support? These scammers want remote access to “fix” your computer, charge a fee, and may even download spyware on your PC. Don’t fall for it.


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