Nelson County Marriage Licenses — May 2018

Editor’s Note: The following individuals have applied for marriage licenses during the month of May 2018 at the Nelson County Clerk’s office. Marriage licenses are valid for 30 days after the date they are issued. The individual who conducts the marriage ceremony has 30 days to return the completed license to the clerk’s office. The issuance of a license by the clerk’s office does not mean the wedding ceremony has taken place or will take place. This information is public record.

Kelly Marie Simpson, 39, general labor, and Troy Manuel Smith, 49, shipping supervisor, both of Bardstown.

Kayla Rachelle Ingram, 25, assembly, and Kevin Patrick Demar, 29, assembly, both of Bardstown.

Katherine Ann Guthrie, 36, bar restaurant manager, and David Aaron Hurst, 33, distillery worker, both of New Haven.

Tiffany Lea Parrish, 38, teacher, and Daniel Clinton McIntosh, 48, self-employed, both of Bardstown.

Nika Raye Mathis, 30, highway contractor/attorney, and Samuel Trabue Lacy, 31, marketing director, both of Bardstown.

Lauren Renee McCubbins, 26, accountant, Boston, and David Stephen Bagshaw, 29, Pekin, Ind.

Geraldine Angelica Jackson, 23, medical assistant, and James Corey Breeden, 32, driver, both of Bardstown.

Mary Jane Elizabeth Armstrong, 22, chef, and Jeremy Andrew Kelly, 31, auto center manager, both of Louisville.

Brittany Nicole Owen, 26, certified medical assistant, and Jason Robert Harris Jr., 25, warehouse, both of Bloomfield.

Keisha Jolett Douglas, 29, dental assistant, and Lonnie Andre Stone, 38, engineer, both of Cox’s Creek.

Serena Lee Stout, 22, general manager, and William Matthew Mitchell, 28, general manager, both of Bloomfield.

Sarah Anne Carter, 24, missionary, Bloomfield, and Derek Scott Hayden, 23, missionary, of Fancy Farm.

Kendall Elisabeth Pennington, 26, associate district manager, Pensacola, Fla., and Jesse Allen Wimsett, 28, U.S. Navy officer, New Haven.

Veronica Marie Saldana Lamphere, 28, Cabinet for Health and Family Services, and Christopher Julian Nalley, 27, Nalley Heating and Cooling, both of Bardstown.

Corney Michelle Mattingly, 26, RN, and Joseph Eric Taylor, 26, self-employed, both of Bardstown.

Erica Danielle Elmore, 27, rural carrier, and Ryan Andrew Johnson, 41, foreman, both of Bloomfield.

Venessa Monya Corley, 40, administrator, and Edward Taylor Douthitt, 41, foreman, both of Boston.

Leshayla Nichole Cox Staten, 37, peer support specialist, and Chad Michael Reed, 53, supervisor, both of Bardstown.

Selena Lucille McGrew, 27, bank teller, and Joseph Russell Cecil, 29, administrator, both of Bardstown.

Tammy Luann Rhodes, 43, certified nurses aide, Bardstown, and Scott Lewis Jackson, 42, tool and die, Cox’s Creek.

Courtney Renee Prather, 27, human resources assistant, and William David Dones, 27, IT healthcare, both of Boston.

Rosa Perez Aguirre, 35, stay at home mom, Carlos Ornelas Vazquez, 28, cook, both of Bardstown.

Jacqueline Denise Starrett, 51, disability, and Anthony Thomas Nalley, 52, disability, both of Bloomfield.

Victoria Hope Beatty, 22, registered nurse, and William Travis Mudd, 22, sales associate, both of Boston.

Kimberly Ann Moore, 43, realtor, and Toby Ray Stone, 46, auto dealer, both of Cox’s Creek.

Mary Jo Broaddus, 53, unemployed, and Roger Anthony Mattingly, 43, radiology tech, both of Bardstown.

Vicki Diane Greenwell, 63, dental office manager, and James Edward Boone, 69, retired electrician, both of Bardstown.

Carlee Ann Guthrie, 26, nurse, and Brandon Timothy Mudd, 28, teacher, both of Bardstown.

Deidre Michelle Clark, 19, server, and Nicholas Carl Upson, 19, laborer, both of Bardstown.

Brooke Marie Newton, 25, teacher, and Jonathan Scott McCubbins, 31, construction, both of Bardstown.

Samantha Gene Hutchins, 19, factory worker, and Justin Cruz Hardin, 27, factory worker, both of Bardstown.

Lindsey Michelle Baize, 22, front desk associate, Bardstown, and Cory Michael Casey, 23, distillery operator, of Cox’s Creek.

Mackenzie Brooke Clark, 21, childcare provider, and Shawn Michael Byrd, 27, exterminator, both of Bardstown.

Rebecca Lynne Cecil, 24, real estate processor, and Justin Blake Wimsett, 27, distillery operator, both of Loretto.

Asucena Perez De Venavidez, 44, stay at home mom, and Juan Pablo Munoz Torres, 35, cook, New Carlisle 45344.

Alexandria Marie Mattingly, 20, customer services, and Timothy Brandon Gillum, 20, EMT, both of Bardstown.

Nikkolyn Elaine Maddox, 40, vocational skills assistant (caregiver), and Aloysius Jeroid Watkins, 43, mechanic, both of Bardstown.

Catherine Elizabeth Smith, 23, teacher assistant, and Logan Duncan Werner, 23, factory worker, both of Bardstown.


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