Thrasher has turn in court, presents ethics ordinance updates to fiscal court

Don Thrasher, the Republican candidate for judge executive, gestures as he describes his proposed updates to the county’s ethics ordinance.


Nelson County Gazette / WBRT Radio

Tuesday, July 3, 2018 — Don Thrasher, the Republican candidate for county judge executive, had his day in court — fiscal court — Tuesday morning before Judge Executive Dean Watts and the magistrates.


Thrasher had threatened to file a Hatch Act complaint after Watts denied him a chance to address fiscal court in June. Thrasher wanted to talk to the court about his ideas for revising the county’s ethics ordinance.

Thrasher told the court that his suggested changes would give the ethics committee the ability to compel individuals to appear before the board, as well as the power to require production of records and require individuals to give testimony.

His proposed changes would also allow the committee to require an individual guilty of unethically enriching themselves to turn over their ill-gotten gains to the ethics committee.

Thrasher’s changes also added back the requirement that candidates for local elective office also complete the ethics board’s financial disclosure forms.

Thrasher said Watts told him he didn’t intend to deny Thrasher the right to speak up at the last meeting. Thrasher explained his revisions to the existing ethics ordinance without input or comment from Watts and the magistrates.


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