Nelson County Marriage Licenses — September 2018

Editor’s Note: The following individuals have applied for marriage licenses during the month of September 2018 at the Nelson County Clerk’s office. Marriage licenses are valid for 30 days after the date they are issued. The individual who conducts the marriage ceremony has 30 days to return the completed license to the clerk’s office. The issuance of a license by the clerk’s office does not mean the wedding ceremony has taken place or will take place. This information is public record.

Megan Leann Poston, 26, office manager, and Waylon Dean Price, 26, mixer driver, both of Springfield.

Lindsay Nicole Shouse, 25, staff coordinator, and Darran Wayne Hawthorne II, 25, IT technician, both of Bardstown.

Jeslyn Emilia Hardin, 26, general manager, Bardstown, and Ryan Michael Krish, 27, delivery driver, Cox’s Creek.

Brianna Paige Breeding, 22, medical assistant, Bardstown, and Terry Justin Scrogham, 22, assembly operator, Bloomfield.

Leanne Michelle Green, 28, housekeeping supervisor, and James Brandon Elmore, 33, factory worker, both of Bardstown.

Sara Ann Elizabeth Curtsinger, 23, certified nursing assistant; and Travis Anthony Downs, 26, department manager, both of Bardstown.

Sharon Lou Mudd, 68, retired, and Frank Calvin Peters III, 76, retired, both of Lebanon.

Erin Elizabeth Claeys, 34, office manager, and Adrian Ray Lewis Jr., 29, deputy sheriff, both of Bardstown.

Kimberly Renee Linton, 25, Walmart manager, and Dustin Edward Fisher, 25, wave planner radial, both of Bardstown.

Amber Grace Robinson, 29, stay-at-home mom, and Thomas Lee Taylor, 28, manufacturing, both of New Haven.

Tracy Ellen Hall, 38, child care, and Frank Daniel Webb, 62, sales/broadcaster, both of Bardstown.

Heather Rose Spalding, 23, pharmacy tech, Bardstown, and Dylan Michael Durbin, 23, civil engineer, Cox’s Creek.

Leigh Ann Newton, 35, human resources specialist, New Haven, and Christopher Michael Scully, 35, customer service, Mount Washington.

Kendall Marie Bland, 20, student, and Cody Neil Lyvers, 25, project engineer, both of Bardstown.

Kaitlyn Nicole Cambron, 23, waitress, Cox’s Creek, and Jeffery Tyler Logsdon, 25, supervisor, Taylorsville.

Sherry Lynn Sparrow, 34, CNA, and Daniel Louis Davis, 32, painter, both of Bloomfield.

Amelia Brooke Satterly, 29, teacher, and Christopher Jacob Gant, 31, industrial electrician.

Kelsey Lane Noel, 28, early childcare, and Jared Wayne Elliott, 28, tech support, both of Bardstown.

Catherine Michelle Mattingly, 20, cosmetologist, and Charles Eugene Spalding III, 21, adjuster/vender, both of New Haven.

Karen Gayle West, 45, director of federal programs and leadership, and Bobby Neal Lee Jr, 50, special projects manager, both of Bardstown.

Candace Anne Littlejohn, 33, teacher, and Steven Francis McCann, 31, plumber, both of Bardstown.

Patricia Rene Culver, 45, sales manager, and William Allen Unseld, 49, maintenance technician, both of Bardstown.

Nikki Michelle House, 33, tax preparer, and Jesse Owen Goff, 36, business owner, both of Bardstown.

Kate Joan Gray, 30, editor, and Patrick Andrew Ewen, 32, electrical engineer, both of Britain.

Katina Jean Westmoreland, 45, application developer, and Craig Jerone James, 55, computer tech, both of Georgetown.

Shirley Jean Austin, 32, deli assistant manger, and George Robert Norman, 33, factory, both of Bardstown.

Brianna Renee Ballard, 29, homemaker, and Joseph Vincent Francisco, 33, truck unloader, both of Bardstown.

Marquita Ann Smith, 45, OB tech, and Paul Scott Willis, 49, UAW, both of Louisville.

Cassi Linn Johnson, 27, medical appointment scheduler, and Shane Derrick Muncy, 29, concrete truck driver, both of Bardstown.

Paris Renae Morgan Ballard, 18, unemployed, and Christopher Austin Barnes, 20, welder, both of Bardstown.

Martha Veronica Lopez, 41, housewife, Michoacan, and Jose Francisco Ramirez Rincon, 49, waiter, of Bardstown.

Cassandra Louise Powers, 27, retail, and Samuel Joe Stamper, 33, lawn care and landscaping, both of Bardstown.

Cheryl Lynn Ball, 43, assembly, and Richard Dewayne Winchester, 45, self-employed, both of Bardstown.

Morgan Leigh Bradley, 22, bank teller, and Jonathan Martin Higgs, 26, truck driver, both of Bardstown.

Shelbie Anne Carter, 25, distillery operator, and David Alexander Pearson, 25, maintenance, both of Bardstown.

Liana Paige Belcher, 20, unemployed, and Phillip Tyler Mays, 21, production, both of Bardstown.

Carla Ann Hadorn, 31, medical assistant, and Karl Thomas Blincoe, 39, construction, both of Bardstown.

Ashley Lynn Walker, 32, patient service specialist, and Ronald Earl Wintz, 33, stamping press operator, both of Bardstown.

Anna Elizabeth Tinnell, 25, waitress, and Michael Ryan Samuels, 29, distillery operative, both of Bardstown.

Savannah Ashton Mills, 24, dental assistant, and Kevin Truston Martin, 25, mandrel repair, both of Bardstown.

Jessica Paige Gies, 27, food service director, and Jarrod Aaron Wayne Hogue, 29, business analyst, both of Cox’s Creek.


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