Letter: Vote for Democrats, send checks & balances to Frankfort & D.C.

To the Editor:

The President’s 2019 budget calls for cuts of $15.3 billion to Medicare and $6.5 billion to Medicaid. Republicans have proposed raising the eligibility age for Social Security and have made no secret about their desire to “voucherize” Medicare. Sen. McConnell plans to again try to repeal the ACA despite voters’ concerns about preserving its protection for those with preexisting conditions.

The GOP persists in blaming the $779 billion deficit on programs like Medicare and Social Security, which are mainstays for middle and low income Americans, despite their having just passed a budget-blasting tax cut for corporations and the wealthy. Much of the spending on Social Security and Medicare is covered by payroll taxes or premiums.

In Kentucky and Washington Republicans are in charge of all branches of government. Our country needs checks and balances in government in order for all voices to be heard. Our Governor and legislature jammed through a pension reform bill, allowing no time for members to read. This is a perfect example of how one party in power can result in abuse of power. The following day outraged teachers in Kentucky stormed the Capitol to protest pension changes.

We have a good group of Democratic candidates on the ballot. PLEASE VOTE as the outcome of House and Senate elections in November will help decide whether efforts to make cuts to the above and to repeal the ACA return next year.

Frances Strange

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