Nelson County Marriage Licenses — October 2018

Editor’s Note: The following individuals have applied for marriage licenses during the month of October 2018 at the Nelson County Clerk’s office. Marriage licenses are valid for 30 days after the date they are issued. The individual who conducts the marriage ceremony has 30 days to return the completed license to the clerk’s office. The issuance of a license by the clerk’s office does not mean the wedding ceremony has taken place or will take place. This information is public record.

Mary Lee Heaton, 71, retired, and Robert Francis O’Malley, 73, retired, both of Bardstown.

Alyssa Lyn Hammond, 24, lash artist, and Brian Lee Carnell, 27, firefighter, both of Bardstown.

Dana Sue Wilbert, 32, respiratory therapist, and David Wayne Nowlin, 32, gas construction, both of Boston.

Catherine Ann Blake, 42, school social worker, and Casimir Jean Baptiste, 32, USPS supervisor, both of Bardstown.

Samantha Marie Hillard, 19, childcare provider, and Johnathan Thomas Perkins, 19, IT engineer, both of Bardstown.

Virginia Katherine Martin, 28, optometrist, and Michael Prasad Reddy-Miller, 30, physician, both of Atlanta, Ga.

Kariann Whicker, 20, patient care assistant, Shepherdsville, and Jeffrey Austin Lewis, 20, design engineer, of Bloomfield.

Elleena Marie Benson, 28, project manager, and Jasper Reed Powell, 26, warehouse supervisor, both of Milwaukee, Wisc.

Danielle Marie Crawford, 24, nurse, and Jonathan Chase Simpson, 26, nurse, both of Cox’s Creek.

Savannah Leigh Aman, 21, production, and Jonathan Dakota Skaggs, 22, general contractor, both of Bardstown.

Karen Renee Bradshaw, 53, unemployed, Bardstown, and James Phillip Burba Jr., 59, laborer, New Haven.

Tracy Leeanne Hood, 32, deputy jailer, Springfield, and Charles Thomas Brewer, 33, self-employed, of Cox’s Creek.

Kristina Gayle Perkin, 36, office administrator, and Elden Richard Neal, 48, maintenance technician, both of Bardstown.

Teah Sheavonne Evans, 21, package handler, Shepherdsville, and Justin Michael Rippy, 22, factory worker, Bardstown.

Jessica Adair Newton, 27, accountant, and Daniel Lee Brady, 34, self-employed, both of Cox’s Creek.

Gail Wimsett Thompson, 64, business owner, Ronald David Rogers, 64, business owner, both of Bardstown.

Sandra Lynn Taylor, 50, housewife, and Francis Louis Taylor, 60, farmer, both of New Haven.

Angela Ann Stowe, 39, photographer, Bardstown, and Brian Patrick Mattingly, 41, line help, Springfield.

Audrey Ryan Dragoo, 27, daycare director, and John Craig Downs, 41, public works supervisor, both of Loretto.

Patricia Gayle Greenwell, 43, self-employed and Paul Anthony Newton, 62, production supervisor, both of Hodgenville.

Mary Elizabeth Daniels, 20, photographer, Campbellsville, and John Hollan Filiatreau III, 21, Bardstown.

Sarah Margaret Perkins, 36, RN/Paramedic, Louisville, and Douglas Aaron Turner, 34, detailer, Bardstown.

Alyson Marie Hamilton, 27, occupational therapist, and Thomas Mathew Blandford, 29, maintenance supervisor, both of Bardstown.

Brittany Elizabeth Crume, 28, administration manager, and Joshua Paul Wright, 32, firefighter, both of Bardstown.

Christine Sullivan Hemmain, 68, retired, and Donald Joseph Madden II, 69, retired, Palmyra, 63461.

Crystal Marie Gilmore, 36, unemployed, and Joshua David Byers Sr., 34, Cookes Landscaping, both of Bardstown.

Tara Dawn McIntosh, 31, warehouse associate, and Jason Lee Floyd, 38, applications engineer, both of Cox’s Creek.

Samantha Anne Manley, 28, stay-at-home mother, and William Leonard Lamkin Jr., 35, fence installer, both of Bloomfield.

Karen Annette Parker, 52, unemployed, of Taylorsville, and Clifford Wayne Whitehall, 45, factory, Bardstown.

Ashley Rene Young, 24, food safety supervisor, and Kyle Christopher Roberts, 25, sales specialist, both of Cox’s Creek.

Kellee Renee Despain, 22, assistant manager, and Cody Charles Cundiff, 21, press material handler, both of new Haven.

Samantha Jo Shain, 28, stay-at-home mom, Bardstown, and Enrique Miguel Barillas, 34, construction, Louisville.


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