Letter: Sen. Rand Paul offers government shutdown solution

To the Editor,

Why is the government still shut down? Because Congress doesn’t face any consequences for failing to pass appropriations bills on time. They have no motivation to avoid gridlock.


Over the past several years, I have introduced my solution to the problem, a bill to incentivize Congress to properly debate and consider spending measures, to take this seriously.

Last week I reintroduced that bill, the Government Shutdown Prevention Act.

This bill would continue funding for agencies, programs, and activities not funded by the start of the fiscal year, but minus one percent. Every 90 days thereafter, the funding would be reduced by an additional one percent.

It also would provide more certainty to federal agencies, who at worst case scenario, would always have a full year of money at no less than 96 percent of their current funding level.

Giving Congress MORE time to act WITHOUT consequence will not solve this problem. Look no farther than the current shutdown, which is already passed 30 days.

Join me in telling Congress to pass the Government Shutdown Protection Act, so we can return to regular order and do our jobs, what the people elected us to do.

Sen. Rand Paul
Washington, D.C.


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