Nelson County Marriage Licenses — January 2019

Editor’s Note: The following individuals have applied for marriage licenses during the month of January 2019 at the Nelson County Clerk’s office. Marriage licenses are valid for 30 days after the date they are issued. The individual who conducts the marriage ceremony has 30 days to return the completed license to the clerk’s office. The issuance of a license by the clerk’s office does not mean the wedding ceremony has taken place or will take place. This information is public record.

Renee Snow White, 20, student, of Georgetown, and Mackenzie Waynn Peterson, 22, U.S. Army, of Bardstown.

Jacqueline Rodriguez, 29, manager, Chicago, and Miguel Zuno, 42, photographer, Chicago.

Jessica Lynn Bogard, 29, student, Bardstown, and James Cory Clark, 38, chef, Bardstown.

Shamrock Kelly O’Cull, 41, die cleaner, Bardstown, and Chad Anthony Downs, 42, crane operator, Bardstown.

Brittany Rose Shain, 27, self-employed, Bardstown, and Oscar Omar Cocoletzi Robles, 35, farm worker, Bardstown.

Tammie Lynn Butcher, 50, housewife, Bardstown, and Michael Ray Smith, 59, truck driver, Bardstown.

Kristina Penic, 24, server, Bardstown, and Christopher Gene Bogard, 28, cook, Bardstown.

Alexandria Lea Dickerson, 27, server, Bardstown, and Dimitrije Pogancev, 26, restaurant, Bardstown.


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