Property owner loses appeal of HRB denial of his request to replace rotten windows

Damic Saric, owner of Cafe Primo, 120 North Third St., makes a drawing of the second and third-floor windows on his building as Councilman Joe Buckman looks on.

Nelson County Gazette / WBRT Radio

Wednesday, May 15, 2019 –– The owner of the building that houses Cafe Primo at 120 North Third St. lost his appeal of a decision by the Historic Review Board that turned down his request to replace his building’s second and third-floor windows with brand new windows.


Damir Saric told the council that all he wanted was to receive the same treatment that other building owners received. He told the council the existing windows are rotten and for safety’s sake he wanted to replace them.

He said the Old Courthouse and the Talbott Inn both used replacement windows similar to the ones he wanted to use.

RaShae Jennings, the city’s preservation coordinator, said the Old Courthouse was county-owned and did not have to comply with local regulations. The Talbott Inn windows were necessary due largely to the fact the building had to meet code requirements for its new use as a hotel.

Saric was critical of Jennings’ testimony about his application, and said he felt he was being discriminated against by not being allowed to replace the windows using the same materials others have used.

Saric said he had tried unsuccessfully to get the windows evaluated for repair.

The council was sympathetic but suggested Saric try again to determine if the windows can be rebuilt using components that are salvageable. The council voted unanimously to uphold the HRB denail of his application.


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