Confederate statue in Bardstown City Cemetery splashed with red paint


The Conderate statue that stands among 67 graves of Confederate soldiers was vandalized with splashes of red paint late last week.

Monday, May 20, 2019 — The 114-year-old Confederate monument in the Bardstown Cemetery was vandalized late last week.

Red paint was splashed on the monument and its base, with some paint drops on the grass around the base of the monument. There was nothing spelled in paint on the monument.

The vandalism was reported to Bardstown Police at 12:54 Friday afternoon. The statue is surrounded by 67 grave markers of Confederate soldiers who died in Bardstown during the Civil War.

The statue was erected in 1905 and was paid for by private funds in the memory of the Confederate soldiers who died during the war.

The statue was heavily damaged when a tree fell during a heavy thunderstorm in 2000, breaking the statue into four pieces. The statue is made of zinc, the base is limestone.

Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Evergreene Architectural Arts restored the statue, repairing the parts that could be straightened and recasting those parts that were unable to be repaired. Cracks in the limestone base were also repaired prior to the statue’s reinstallation.

Bardstown Police are investigating the vandalism, and are looking for security video of the area that may help them find those responsible for the damage.


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