Flaget Memorial Hospital honors employees with Daisy, Rose Awards


From left, Kami Poole-Warder, chief nursing officer; Carla Tindle, RN; Sandra Ulrich, RN; Karl Lusk, chaplain coordinator; Daisy Award recipient Barbara Leake, RN; Stephanie Bradshaw, RN; Netta Nusz, director of operations; Heather Mattingly, manager of quality risk and safety; and Jan Ostbloom, director of human resources.

Friday, May 24, 2019 — Flaget Memorial Hospital has named its Daisy and Rose Award winners for the first quarter of 2019. Barbara Leake, RN, Outpatient Treatment, received the Daisy Award, while Lori Abell, Executive Assistant, received the Rose Award.

The Daisy Award is a nationwide program that celebrates the extraordinary clinical skill and compassionate care given by nurses every day. Flaget Memorial Hospital is proud to be a Daisy Award Partner, recognizing a nurse with this special honor every quarter. For the first quarter of 2019, Vicki Lee, CNA, Health Unit Coordinator, ICU/TCU, nominated Leake for the Daisy Award.

“Barbara has always gone out of her way to help patients and staff,” said Lee. “She has reverence, integrity, compassion and excellence. She is a role model to all of us.”

From left, Netta Nusz, director of operations; Jan Ostbloom, director of human resources; Kami Poole-Warder, chief nursing officer; Lori Abell, executive assistant and Rose Award recipient; Jennifer Nolan, president.

Similar to the Daisy Award, the Rose Award is a program that honors Flaget Memorial Hospital’s non-nursing personnel. The Rose Award, short for Recognition of Service Excellence, celebrates unsung heroes who work tirelessly to provide the best possible service. This quarter, Amanda Thompson, Pharmacist, nominated Abell for the Rose Award.

“Flaget has a wonderful gem in Lori,” said Thompson. “She is positive beyond belief and goes above and beyond for people. She takes great care of the employees so we can take care of the patients!”

Leake received a certificate, Daisy Award pin, a hand-carved stone sculpture, a bouquet of daisies and a cake to share with co-workers. Abell was honored with a certificate, Rose Award pin, a hand-woven basket from Uganda, a cake to share with co-workers and a bouquet of roses to display in her department.


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