Nelson County Marriage Licenses — May 2019

Editor’s Note: The following individuals have applied for marriage licenses during the month of May 2019 at the Nelson County Clerk’s office. Marriage licenses are valid for 30 days after the date they are issued. The individual who conducts the marriage ceremony has 30 days to return the completed license to the clerk’s office. The issuance of a license by the clerk’s office does not mean the wedding ceremony has taken place or will take place. This information is public record.

Robert Lewis Moll, 27, military/tech, Bardstown, and Alyssa Marie Plowman, 23, dental assistant, Bardstown.

Jory Allen Hutchens, 28, graphic designer, Bardstown, and Hannah Marie Dones, 27, cosmotologist, Bardstown.

Cole Israel Craddock, 29, contractor, Bardstown, and Justine Paige Wilson, 30, human resources, Bardstown.

Benjamin Thompson Davis, 25, distillery labor, Bardstown, and Mary Alyse Clark, 24, human resources, Bardstown.

Fredrick Scott Burks, 44, plumber, Bardstown, and Cheryl Lynn Spies, 44, student, Bardstown.

Scott Anthony Clark Jr., 27, pipefitter, Cox’s Creek, and Amber Rochelle Thurman, 27, sales support, Cox’s Creek.

Dawson Ray Curtsiner, 20, car detailer, Fairfield, and Alisha Nikol Allen, 18, unemployed, Bloomfield.

William Todd Mattingly, 49, factory worker, Springfield, and Kim Cherie Grensavitch, 52, clerical, Irvine.

Stephen Saylor Koontz, 40, farmer, Canton, Texas, and Amy Renee Bolline, 35, attorney, Canton, Texas.

Kevin Charles Fowler, 24, board operator, Bloomfield, and Baylee Nikale Hutchins, 23, home health, Bloomfield.

Cass Buddy Stanley, 27, industrial maintenance, Bloomfield, and Savannah Marie Hadley Reya, 28, nurse practitioner, Bloomfield.

Ronald Brandon Allen Ray, 25, strength and conditioning coach, Batavia, Ohio, and Julia Faith Harris, 24, stength and conditioning coach, Batavia, Ohio.

Casel David Billings, 22, drafter, Bardstown, and Rebekah Pearl Bolin, 24, dental assistant, Bloomfield.

Kaylan Danielle Walls, 25, Salt River Electric, Bardstown, and Nicholas Martin Riley, 31, Jim Beam, Springfield.

Chandler Mark Young, 24, IT sys admin, Bardstown, and Sidney Carol Northup, 24, special education teacher, Wilmore.

Bernard Andrew Irtz, 33, lab technician, Bardstown, and Taylor Ant’Neal Walker, 27, unemployed, Bardstown.

David Andrew Smith, 23, maintenance supervisor, Bardstown, and Coralee Katrenko Cecil, 23, student, Bardstown.

Stephen Douglas Campbell, 66, retired law enforcement, Bardstown, and Sandra Dennison, 54, retired teacher, Bardsown.

Danny Dale Case, 66, retired, Bloomfield, and Carla Ann Shepherd Tingle, 60, registered nurse, Bloomfield.

Robert Lee Ballard, 83, retired, Bardstown, and Linda Lee Ives, 71, retired, Bardstown.

Samuel Alexander Bachelor Jr. 35, warehouse, Bardstown, and Maria Elena Ramos Taboada, 38, unemployed, Bardstown.

Matthew Nathaniel Williams, 33, radiology resident, Winston-Salem N.C., and Leah Marie Hill, 28, radiation therapist, Bardstown.

Cody Allen Barnes, 24, gas station attendant, Shepherdsville, and Kaitlyn Ann Wood, 22, FedEx material handler, Shepherdsville.

Thomas Lee Harrell, 41, self-employed, New Hope, and Brandy Marie Willett, 39, factory, New Hope.

Juan Carlos Arellano King, 39, farmer, Springfield, and Elena Anai Gonzalez Limon, 32, homemaker, Bardstown.

Brandon Kevin Simpson, 24, occupational therapist, Bardstown, Thera Josphine Krift, 24, speech language pathologist, Californai.

Kevin Matthew Byrd, 24, Willett Distillery, Bardstown, and Lindsey Kristine Cowles, 23, assistant manager, Bardstown.

Christopher Dorian Webb, 42, industrial engineer, Bardstown, and Veronica Lynn Pannell Kennedy, 45, assistant line lead, Bardstown.

Michael Christopher Baker, 47, truck driver, New Haven, and Tiffany Beanndrae Davis, 42, credit company assistant manager, New Haven.

Eric Bryan Sheridan, 30, USAF, Warrensburg, Mo., and Autumn Rose Guthrie, 24, USAF, Warrensburg, Mo.

Justin Lee Cox, 30, loader operator, Bardstown, and Andrea Michelle Cundiff, 23, babysitter, Bardstown.

Amelia Virginia Cotton, 25, customer service supervisor, Wilmington, N.C., and Ashley Nicole Jordan, 35, customer service representative, Wilmington, N.C.

Thomas Robert Goodwin, 23, customer service representative, Louisville, and Olivia Danielle Whitehead, 21, customer service representative, Bardstown.

Craig Alan Woycheese, 28, self-employed, Proctorville, Ohio, and Jessilyn Ashley Norman, 32, in-home provider, Proctorville, Ohio.

James Patrick Willett IV, 27, construction manageer, Bardstown, and Savannah Shea Harris, 24, marketing director, Bardstown.

Emmitt R. Brumley, 37, toolmaker, Bardstown, and Jennifer Denise Miller, 33, factory worker, Bardstown.

Andrew Michael Johnson, 30, material handler, Bardstown, and Hannah Jo Moore, 28, physician assistant, Bardstown.


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