Local Democratic party issues statement decrying racism, bigotry, nationalism


Wednesday, July 17, 2019 — The Democratic Party of Nelson County issued a response to what it says is the “silence about the horrendous issues of racism and bigotry” is not an appropriate response to the current climate in America.

According to the statement issued Wednesday morning by party chairman Kenny Fogle, racism was a blight on our past in the U.S. and despite years of progress, still remains an issue.

Statement from Democratic Party of Nelson County

In light of recent events and a growing concern over hate speech in America, our local Democratic Party leadership in Nelson County wants to condemn all forms of bigotry and hatred in the strongest possible terms. There is no room for racism, sexism and nationalism in America. We believe that God requires that we respect all of his children and that we treat each of them with dignity whether or not we have the same skin color, we worship in the same way, or we agree on the political issue of the day. We are a melting pot of people from every walk of life and every corner of the world. Every human being deserves respect and dignity. As Americans we are a diverse family who range in ideology and beliefs from those from the far left to center and we have many on the right counted as one of our own. That is how a family is structured. We debate, discuss, compromise and get a little upset at times, but we never consider for a second that anyone is doing it out of hate for our country and our fellow citizens. We are Patriots and we dearly love our country and the planet we inhabit. As a local chapter, we know our voice is not loud enough to be heard above the tremendous clamor around the nation, but we can all do our part to vehemently condemn hate and bigotry in Nelson County, in Kentucky and in our beloved United States of America. This is a duty that begins and ends with each of us. It is our choice to love or to hate and express compassion over fear. We are Americans and America has been a beacon for the world for over 243 years. Our Founding Father’s believed that tolerance of religion, civil rights, and the dignity of humanity was the bedrock of our nation. They lit a torch that has been passed through the generations and is now in our hands. As the Democratic Party of Nelson County, we make this statement not out of a desire for political gain, but because we are compelled to raise that torch and broadcast our hope for a better world for all members of our American family.


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