GOP chairman responds to local Democratic party’s statement on racism

To the editor,

The Nelson County Democratic Party issued a statement on President Trump’s recent tweets about “The Squad.. When I was growing up there was a public service commercial you can still see it today on Youtube by searching “Late 70’s Prejudice PSA”. The commercial had a boy and his grandpa on a boat fishing, the boy asked his grandpa about someone calling him prejudice at school. The grandpa inquired why and the boy said it was about his Jewish friend Jimmy. His grandpa told his grandson he is prejudice because he said it was his Jewish friend and not just simply his friend.


Somehow we have gotten dreadfully off course in this nation on the subject of race, bigotry and prejudice. The noble goal of the USA being the melting pot of different races, creeds and nationalities has been lost and is not being taught anymore. In its place is purposeful division and hate that the left is spewing out. That commercial on prejudice stuck in my head my whole life and it is what we should have been striving for as a nation. Now we have different groups not wanting to assimilate, not wanting to melt in to one people, The American People. In Congress we have the Black Caucus, the Hispanic Caucus and the Asian Caucus. These groups focus not on advancing all Americans equally they advance their own cause and agendas.

The Founders of the this country were the first nationalists and if there isn’t nationalism in this country we will stop being a nation. I am a racist, I am a Human Racist, we should all be promoting unity and cohesiveness with our fellow man, indeed we should all be Human Racists. The constant pointing out of race and color by “The Squad” is dividing us for their own political agenda. And for me that political agenda is the problem and most certainly not the solution.

The four Congresswomen that are known as “The Squad” espouse a divisive anti-American tone that is repulsive to the idea of America the melting pot. They are the antithesis of that 1978 Public Service Commercial. They want to bring up skin color at every possible moment, they want to paint anyone that doesn’t agree with them as racist or nationalists.

Don Thrasher
Chairman, Republican Party of Nelson County

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