Nelson County Marriage Licenses — September 2019

Editor’s Note: The following individuals have applied for marriage licenses during the month of September 2019 at the Nelson County Clerk’s office. Marriage licenses are valid for 30 days after the date they are issued. The individual who conducts the marriage ceremony has 30 days to return the completed license to the clerk’s office. The issuance of a license by the clerk’s office does not mean the wedding ceremony has taken place or will take place. This information is public record.

Larry Shane Crump, 43, farm hand, Bloomfield, and Heather Katrina Bickett, 41, unemployed, Bloomfield.

Nicholas Ryan Dones, 23, HVAC Tech, Bardstown, and Michaela Ann Sanders, 21, surgical technologist, Bardstown.

Brandon Alexander Benz, 27, truck driver, Bardstown, and Brooke Nicole Clinton, 23, CNA, Bardstown.

Lee Miracle, 27, sales, Bardstown, and Shyanne Michelle Kays, 23, Xray Tech, Bardstown.

David Allen Douglas, 32, construction, and Kristyna Ann Vittitow, 30, day care, Bardstown.

Manual Levi Metcalf, 29, construction work, Bardstown, and Elsie Maria Greenwell, 24, nurse, Bardstown.

Neal Alan Pollett, 42, factory worker, Bardstown, and Kaylynn Louise Pruitt, 28, cosmetologist, Bardstown.

David Spencer Osborne, 29, regional sales manager, Nashville, and Haley Elizabeth Willett, 29, pharmacist, Nashville.

Carlos Eugene Bryan, 56, welder, Bardstown, and Stacy Ann Magyar, 46, financial analyst, Bardstown.

Robert Lee Howell, 19, construction worker, Bloomfield, and Destiny Faith Drees, 20, unemployed, Bloomfield.

Kyle Wesley Mattingly, 26, forklift driver, Bardstown, and Morgan Danielle Edelen, 25, medical assistant, Bardstown.

Timothy Glen Conder, 57, shipping operator, Bardstown, and Vickie Jo Walters Rodgers, 63, Bardstown.

Ethan Andrew Boone, 24, distillery worker, New Haven, and Emily Ann Renee Bartley, 23, radiologic technologist, New Haven.

Michael Jordan Gant, 30, production worker, New Haven, and Tiffany Ann Johnson, 29, surgery scheduler, Loretto.

John Patrick Hiller, 32, commercial real estate, Dallas, Texas, and Mary Taylor Katz, 32, marketing, Dallas, Texas.

Kenneth Paul Barnes, 53, retired, Bardstown, and Jamie Latish Burch, 30, homemaker, Bardstown.

Benjamin Tyler Bruington, 27, business analyst, Cox’s Creek, and Kelli Marie Robinson, 25, behavior analyst, Bardstown.

James Tyler Watt, 20, plumber apprentice, Chaplin, and Rebekah Noelle Mitchell, 22, residential BHA, Chaplin.

Nathaniel Warren Butts, 40, engineer, Bowling Green, and Maria Ann John, 44, store manager, Bowling Green.

James Nelson Cannon, 72, retired, Bardstown, and Mariagenara Abejo Cahoe, 66, quality control, Bardstown.

Michael Devon Hutchins, 26, Navy, New Haven, and Hope Gabrielle Johnson, 22, returns associate, Bardstown.

Timothy William Dugger, 25, electric worker, Bardstown, and Charessa Brooke Coomes, 24, office manager, Bardstown.

Robert Nolin Goodlett, 19, construction, Bardstown, and Katelyn Marie Kepper, 18, customer service, Bardstown.

James Daniel Cecil, 54, machinist, New Haven, and Rhonda Ann Gribbins, 49, unemployed, New Haven.

Nicholas Willett Heaton, 30, sales, Bardstown, and Emily Ann Beam, 27, teacher, Bardstown.

Joseph Alan Richardson, 28, police officer, Cox’s Creek, and Jennifer Evelyn Griffith, 26, server, Cox’s Creek.

William Matthew Holcomb, 35, manager, Bloomfield, and Kelly Janae Pile, 33, Bloomfield.

Adriel Elias Drake, 25, shift lead, Bardstown, and Audrianna Caroline Williams, 22, shift lead, Bardstown.

Bradley Shane Neagle, 43, project manager, Buffalo, and Alisha Joy Avis, 38, master scheduler, Bardstown.

Jason Michael Downs, 29, production technician, Bardstown, and Kimberly Nicole Clark, 23, production helper, Bardstown.

Julia Marie Bowling, 21, veterinary technician, Bardstown, and Anna Jane Thomas, 22, photographer, Bardstown.

Joseph Scott Nalley, 41, construction, Cox’s Creek, and Whitney Brea Allen, 35, homemaker, Cox’s Creek.

Brian Scott Troxell II, 21, electrician, Bardstown, and Jordan Cheyanne Plyman, 20, service worker, Bardstown.

Jimmy Dale Hellard, 44, self-employed, Bloomfield, and Amber Lynn Howard, 39, finance company manager, Bloomfield.

Jacob Edwin Allgeier, 28, truck driver, Cox’s Creek, and Morgan Whittney Roby, 28, teacher, Cox’s Creek.

Jay Edward Hutcheson, 60, maintenance technician, Bardstown, and Pamela Ann Nees, 50, certified nursing assistant, Bardstown.

Jason Ramond Livers, 43, self-employed, New Haven, and Melissa Sue DeWitt, 38, quality leader, New Haven.

Zachary Alexander Marksbury, 22, batcher, New Haven, and Hope Destiny Curtsinger, 22, batcher, New Haven.

Matthew Stewart Jones, 26, maintenance, Loretto, and Morgan Rae Whitlock, 25, bottling line, Loretto.

Andre Maurice Woodson Sr., 45, barbershop owner, Bardstown, and Sandy Rochelle Tonge, 35, production, Bardstown.

William Scott Durbin, 29, field tech, Bardstown, and Lindsey Rae Schlatter, 32, receptionist, Bardstown.


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