Thrasher asks AG to investigate mailer, files complaint against attorney Jason Floyd

This mailer was received by registered Nelson County Republicans earlier this week. A second alleged mailer — an obvious faked re-creation — was circulating by social media and posted on the Nelson County Republican Party Facebook page. See the side-by-side comparison below.

Nelson County Gazette / WBRT Radio

Friday, Nov. 22, 2019 — Local GOP Chairman Don Thrasher has filed a complaint with the Kentucky Bar Association against local attorney Jason Floyd for what Thrasher calls “an ongoing pattern of dishonest, unethical behavior” and claims that Floyd engages in bullying, intimidation and manipulative behavior.

Additionally, Thrasher is asking the Attorney General’s office to investigate Floyd for what Thrasher claims was witness intimidation in a series of emails between Floyd and Thrasher regarding a complaint Thrasher filed with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance in connection with the Nelson County Organization of Republican Women’s (NCORW) failure to hand over the proceeds from the 2019 Lincoln Day Dinner to the county Republican party when requested to do so.

Floyd is representing the members of the NCORW in the KREF complaint, which Thrasher filed Sept. 23, 2019.

When contacted by email, Floyd opted not to make a comment at this time.

Click here to read the lengthy chain of emails exchanged between Thrasher and Floyd on Oct. 21-22, 2019.

SEEKS AG INVESTIGATION OF MAILER. Thrasher is also requesting that the Attorney General as counsel of the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance investigate the anonymous mailer sent by U.S. Mail to a number of Republican party members that highlight Thrasher’s past legal issues and court cases.

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With a heading that reads “Why is Donald Thrasher leading your Republican party?”, the full-color mailer uses a photo of Thrasher published in a Sept. 4, 2018, story in the Nelson County Gazette and lists 11 claims related to complaints — legal and otherwise — including:

  • Donald Thrasher has had 8 different individuals file restraining orders against him.
  • Donald Thrasher has been recorded terrorizing women, calling them “Fucking Cunts,” and he once terrorized an elderly female at her home with bad-mouthing and threatening her husband for an hour until police could intervene.
  • Donald Thrasher had a warrant out for his arrest in Oklahoma and was charged with a felony for passing a bad check. He also had 7 additional warrants in Missouri.
  • Donald Thrasher claims he founded a business which has become a company with $100 million in sales, yet court documents show that he sold his interest in the company for only $41,166. After he sold his interest, the buyers were forced to obtain injunctions in Washington and California to stop him from harming the company.\
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  • While in litigation for the same issue, Donald Thrasher claimed he was indigent in court.
  • Donald Thrasher repeatedly harasses, threatens, and files lawsuits to intimidate people to get his way. In fact, Donald Thrasher has been ordered by a judge to pay the costs incurred by the other party in a lawsuit because he made frivolous arguments.\
  • Donald Thrasheer was sued for allegedly selling a stolen sex tape and falsely claiming he owned the copyrights.
  • Donald Thrasher has been evicted from 6 different apartments for various reasons.
  • Donald Thrasher has had 6 tax liens filed against him and he has filed for bankruptcy twice.
  • Numerous times, Donald Thrasher has failed to comply with orders to appear in court.
  • Donald Thrasher has filed numerous personal injury and breach of contract suits.

Each of the claims on the mailer includes one or more footnotes that list the source of the documents from which the claims were taken, all of which are listed on the reverse side of the mailer (see image above).

In an email to the Nelson County Gazette about the mailer, Thrasher said he wasn’t accusing any specific person of being behind the mailer.

“I want to clarify I do not know who is behind the mailer,” Thrasher wrote. “I am not accusing Jason (Floyd) or David (Floyd) or anyone for that matter.”

While he doesn’t accuse Floyd of being behind the mailer, in his complaint to the Attorney General’s office, he makes reference to the fact that the Floyd family opposed his election as chairman of the county party and challenged his election. The challenge to Thrasher’s election was denied on review by the Second District Republican party leadership.

Thrasher did not address the individual claims published on the mailer beyond stating in his email, “some is true, some is half true, some is completely false.”

A side-by-side comparison of the original mailer (left) and the alleged second mailer clearly indicate the second was created using the top half of the original.

A SECOND MAILER? An image of what was allegedly to be a second mailer about Thrasher was circulating on Facebook on Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2019. While the second mailer used the same graphics and photograph as the original, the claims on it were apparently written as a parody of the original and without footnotes found on the original.

The second version of the mailer that was obviously created with parts of the original. Click to enlarge (a new window will open).

A closer examination of the mailers (see above) show that the second mailer was indeed a re-recreation that was pieced together. A side-by-side comparison shows that the photo of Thrasher on the second mailer was cut from an “original” mailer, then scanned with the second set of allegations placed below.

The second mailer lacks the star graphics on its lower half as found on the original.

Speculation about the second mailer on social media states that the second mailer was created to detract from the original one that was mailed. No one has reported receiving the second mailer by U.S. Mail.

The second mailer included claims that include:

  • Donald Thrasher has ties to Drugs and Organized Crime

  • Donald Thrasher is an Atheist that does not believe in the Bible

  • Donald Thrasher has studied Islam and has renounced Christianity.

  • Donald Thrasher while in California he failed to vote and know (sic) wants to tell you how to vote.

  • Donald Thrasher has not responded to any questions about his faith or religion. Donald Thrasher’s values are not that of a true Republican or a Nelson County voter

  • Donald Thrasher should be removed from the Republican Party.

On the Republican Party of Nelson County’s Facebook page, accompanied by a “No Dirty Tricks” graphic, Thrasher denied the claims on the second version of the mailer, denying he was a drug dealer, an atheist, involved in organized crime, and he has never studied Islam.

Of the two mailers, only the second one appeared on the Republican Party’s Facebook page; the original one — with the footnotes — did not.

On Facebook, Thrasher said in his opinion, both mailers were false, and he rebuffed statements that implied the original was true — though he admitted at elsewhere that claims in the original were at least true or partly true.

On Facebook Thursday, Thrasher asked for individuals who received a mailer by U.S. Mail to send him a photo or scan of the barcode on the mailer so he can attempt to track down the mailer’s point of origin and its creator.


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