Thrasher issues point-by-point response to claims about him in anonymous mailer

Nelson County Gazette / WBRT Radio

Saturday, Nov. 23, 2019 — On Friday, Don Thrasher, the county GOP party chairman who was the subject of an anonymous mailer received recently by Nelson County Republicans, filed a point-by-point response to the mailer’s allegations.

By Thrasher’s own account, the majority of the claims are either true or partly true, and in his response, he offers context on each of the mailer’s claims.

With a heading that reads “Why is Donald Thrasher leading your Republican party?”, the full-color mailer used a photo of Thrasher published in a Sept. 4, 2018, story in the Nelson County Gazette and lists 11 claims related to complaints — legal and otherwise — including:

The Nelson County Gazette has listed the 11 claims and Thrasher’s response in an email written by him and included below.

Donald Thrasher has had 8 different individuals file restraining orders against him.


“J&R Bottling was the first producer of Thrasher Beverage’s product Z Cola. One of the first productions they didn’t know how to balance the new sweetener (stevia) and used the same stevia equivalent as sugar. They refused to make good on a bad batch of soda, I think over 10,000 cases of soda. We began picketing their offices, their law firm filed a restraining order to keep us from picketing, so we started to picket the law firm. The law firm then filed for a restraining order to stop picketing at the law firm.”

Donald Thrasher has been recorded terrorizing women, calling them “Fucking Cunts,” and he once terrorized an elderly female at her home with bad-mouthing and threatening her husband for an hour until police could intervene.


“The alleged phone call is fully disputed, this was alleged by employees of the bottling company that didn’t like picketing and the news coverage it received.”

Donald Thrasher had a warrant out for his arrest in Oklahoma and was charged with a felony for passing a bad check. He also had 7 additional warrants in Missouri.


“As for a felony bad check in Oklahoma 25 years ago, I have never lived in Oklahoma, had no knowledge of a check there till this mailer. I called yesterday and they said there was a warrant for an unpaid returned check. Yesterday I paid just in case this was a check I may have written in Oklahoma. (Till last year I had maintained a CCDW Concealed Carry License, which they run a check through the FBI’s NCIC every month in Kentucky to check for warrants, this didn’t appear). As for warrants when I was in High School in Missouri there were three warrants for unpaid parking tickets as parking was limited at the school and there were severe parking restrictions in the adjoining neighborhood and two for failure to pay speeding tickets.”

Donald Thrasher claims he founded a business which has become a company with $100 million in sales, yet court documents show that he sold his interest in the company for only $41,166. After he sold his interest, the buyers were forced to obtain injunctions in Washington and California to stop him from harming the company.


“The compensation that the anonymous mailing has for my company is simply false, the $41,166 was one portion of the compensation. Yes they did obtain an injunction after I wanted to make a certain issue with a change of the original sourcing of two of the ingredients. For a short time they began to source stevia from China and not from Brazil or Paraguay, heck yes I was VERY UPSET about this.”

While in litigation for the same issue, Donald Thrasher claimed he was indigent in court.


Donald Thrasher repeatedly harasses, threatens, and files lawsuits to intimidate people to get his way. In fact, Donald Thrasher has been ordered by a judge to pay the costs incurred by the other party in a lawsuit because he made frivolous arguments.


“There are 2 lawsuits referenced here and one complaint to the Public Service Commission. All 3 involving Jason Floyd’s Law Office. In FACT THE VERBAGE ON THE MAILER IS EXACTLY HOW JASON FLOYD DESCRIBES THE CASES. An abandoned building full of rats was agreed to be torn down, when the owner failed to do it, I filed a lawsuit. I had an agreement to pay half for a neighbors tree to be cut that was growing mostly over our side of
the property. When he wouldn’t pay his share I filed a lawsuit.”

Donald Thrasher was sued for allegedly selling a stolen sex tape and falsely claiming he owned the copyrights.


“I was sued for allegedly selling a stolen sex tape. I NEVER CLAIMED COPYRIGHT (see the original license agreement).”

Donald Thrasher has been evicted from 6 different apartments for various reasons.


“I have been evicted, but not 6 times.”

Donald Thrasher has had 6 tax liens filed against him and he has filed for bankruptcy twice.


“I have had business tax liens, I have filed for bankruptcy when I was 24.”

Numerous times, Donald Thrasher has failed to comply with orders to appear in court.


“The Failure of Orders To Appear are just a repeat from #4 the warrants for Parking and Traffic Tickets.”

Donald Thrasher has filed numerous personal injury and breach of contract suits.


“I don’t think I have ever filed a personal injury lawsuit, But, yes on Breach of Contract Suits.”

In Thrasher’s email response about the anonymous mailer to the Nelson County Gazette, he made it clear he wasn’t accusing any specific person of being behind the mailer.

“I want to clarify I do not know who is behind the mailer,” Thrasher wrote. “I am not accusing Jason (Floyd) or David (Floyd) or anyone for that matter.”

While he doesn’t accuse Floyd of being behind the mailer, in his complaint to the Attorney General’s office, he makes reference to the fact that the Floyd family opposed his election as chairman of the county party and challenged his election, which was denied on review by the Second District Republican party leadership.


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