Nelson Fiscal Court OKs IRBs, recognizes workers’ dedication to Feeding America

Judge Executive Dean Watts, right, and magistrates Keith Metcalfe, center, and Gary Coulter review and discuss the meeting’s agenda prior to the start of Tuesday’s fiscal court meeting.

Nelson County Gazette / WBRT Radio

Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2019 — Judge Executive Dean Watts recognized three county employees who have been critical to the success of the monthly Feeding America food distribution program.

Keith Willett, Mark Young and Russell Fulkerson have kept the program running since Watts approached them about it nearly six years ago.

“These three guys have stepped to the plate and helped me out,” Watts explained. “They go early to Elizabethtown early to pickup the food and get everything ready. I want to thank them publicly for what they’ve done.”

The December Feeding America food distribution will take place at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 18, 2019, at the Nelson County Fairgrounds.

From left, Magistrates Eric Shelburne, Jeff Lear and Bernard Ice listened to the road department report.

INDUSTRIAL REVENUE BONDS. Fiscal court approved two resolutions in support of industrial revenue bonds for two companies that are part of the Bardstown Bourbon Co.

According to Jeff McKenzie, an attorney with Bingham, Greenbaum & Doll, Bardstown Bourbon Co. will now expand into bottling and rickhouse construction with the Bardstown Bottling Co.
and Bardstown Barrel Co.

The company plans a substantial investment in equipment to bottle and warehouse the spirits it is distilling. The two new companies are expected to add up to 28 new jobs.

Magistrate Gary Coulter recused himself from the discussion and voting on the measure to avoid a conflict of interest.

Magistrates Gary Coulter and Keith Metcalfe review a bid during Tuesday’s fiscal court meeting.

LANDFILL SEWER LINE CONTRACT. The court approved a $112,000 contract with HDR Engineering for their design services for a new force main sewer line that will handle leachate from the Nelson County Landfill and pump it to the City of Bardstown’s sewer plant.

The $4.3 million project will be designed to run as close as possible to the existing sewer line’s right of way, Brad Spalding, county engineer, told the court.

The court discussed briefly that once completed, the county could allow additional customers to hook onto the system; however, Watts advised against that move because the line’s specific purpose is to serve the landfill. Without a working sewer main, the leachate would need to be stored and pumped into tanker trucks and hauled to the sewer plant — a more expensive and time-consuming process.

The design for the new sewer line should be completed next year, with construction set to begin in 2021.

HABITAT ASSESSMENT. The court also approved a $9,834 contract to hire a biologist for a habitat survey of the landfill expansion area to determine what if any endangered species will be disrupted.

FREE PASSES. The two free landfill passes every Nelson County garbage customer receives will be in the December bills, Spalding said.

In other business, the court:

— approved the closure of 360 feet of Simpson Creek Road. The closure was sought by the property owner who has experienced problems with illegal activity taking place on his farm. The court opened a public hearing and with no objections, approved the road closure as requested.

— approved a five-year tax moratorium request from Finn Davis Rental LLC for a residential property at 210 East Stephen Foster Ave. in Bardstown. The moratorium means the house will not be re-appraised by PVA for a period of five years once improvements are completed. According to the application, the owner plans to spend at least $40,000 on repairs and upgrades.

— approved spending $19,964.88 with Whayne Supply to replace the undercarriage of the county’s 963K Caterpillar high lift. The bid was more than $2,700 than a competing bid that proposed the use of aftermarket parts. The court chose the Whayne Supply bid due to their use of heavier duty Cat replacement parts.

NEXT UP. Nelson Fiscal Court will next meet Tuesday, Dec. 17, 2019, in the fiscal court meeting room on the second floor of the Old Courthouse on Court Square.


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