Republican switches party, files as Dem seeking 50th District state rep. seat


Monday, Jan. 6, 2020, 11 a.m. — The former vice-chair of the Republican Party of Nelson County announced his intent to file as a Democratic candidate for 50th District state representative.


New Hope resident David Reed’s official press release was distributed early Monday, though social media has been discussing his candidacy and drumming up support since the first of the year.

Reed had just been elected vice-chair of the county Republican Party at the party’s November 2019 meeting.

But according to Reed’s social media account, an appeal of his election to that post was filed to the Republican Party of Kentucky, Reed said prompted him, on Monday, Dec. 30, 2019, to change his voter registration from Republican to Democrat.

According to Reed’s press release, the RPK informed Reed and the county committee that the committee’s formation was improper and Reed’s election was invalid.

Reed’s press release explains that he believes “the McCoy/Floyd coalition” will continue to use underhanded tactics and he decided to “fight McCoy and his war on working families
and lower income tax payers by taking on McCoy as a conservative Democrat.”

Despite the party affiliation change, Reed states he is still a conservative that believes he can fight for conservative ideals in this race, and insists a conservative Democrat can beat McCoy.

Reed’s position on other issues include:

— I am pro life, and will not support any measure that would allow state funding for abortion.

— I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment, as a holder of a Ky CCDW, a Federal 03 collectors license, and current president of our local gun club I will not vote in favor of any bill that would weaken your right to own a firearm.

— I do not support the current agenda to change our tax structure that is stated to lower income taxes while increasing sales taxes. Remember government never actually taxes you less, if they did not see an increase in revenue they would not even be discussing this.

— I am opposed to the idea of a gas tax increase.

— I will support measures that protect the rights of all our citizens not proposals that are designed for just a small percentage of our population.

— I believe that the death penalty is a deterrent to crime and will not vote to remove it from our state constitution. Actually I believe if the death penalty sentence was enforced more often it would strengthen its deterrent factor.

— Taxes in general are already burdensome to our citizens and will not vote for any tax increase of any kind until it is proven to me that there is absolutely no other option.

— I am in favor of removing the ability of the school system and the library system to annually increase our taxes without the approval by a vote of the people, and will introduce legislation to remove that ability.

DEADLINE TO FILE APPROACHING. The deadline to file to be on the May primary ballot is 4 p.m. Friday, Jan. 10, 2019.


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