Reed responds to Democratic party’s vow to remove him as state rep. candidate

To the editor,

I am going to fight this waste of taxpayer money the way I will fight for the average blue collar worker if I am sent to Frankfort. The elitist in the local executive committee don’t understand a working man just paid $200 for a filing fee, which took 12 hours of work to earn.

Make no mistake, I believe the voters should be able to say who is a Democrat and who isn’t, not a judge. It is the liberal elitists who seek activist judges that’s caused so many problems for our country. I am a conservative Democrat that will fight taxes and represent the average people of Nelson County — not just the rich elite.

For a year now, the Democratic Party’s local leader, Kenny Fogle, has sent out newspaper articles, emails and Facebook posts pleading for former Democrats to “come home to the Democratic Party.” I was a former Democrat — you know the old Democratic Party of JFK, the party that used to stand for America, stand for the Constitution.

I came back to the local Democratic Party because of Fogle promises in his many statements that he is anti-abortion, that he is patriotic, and that the local party does not always go along with the national party’s agenda.


The party that claims to be inclusive and welcoming is now wanting to take me to court to remove me from the ballot. Asking a judge to determine who the party nominee is simply not Democratic.

My plea to the Democrats of Nelson County is aimed at the conservatives and moderates. Do you think it is Democratic to let a judge tell you who a Democrat candidate should be or who should not be? I pledged to run as a conservative Democrat and that upset the so-called open and inclusive elite of the local party.

If Kenny Fogle and the local Democratic party executive committee want to be truly democratic they will allow the Democrat voters to decide who is and who isn’t a Democrat.

I am a proud conservative and a proud American. If Fogle would have been honest and said only liberals that agree with the national agenda of Pelosi and Maxine Waters are welcome back, I can assure you I would not have spent $200 of my hard earned money to be running as a Democrat.

But I believe in that party of JFK not Pelosi. If the local Democratic leaders allow a judge to decide and not the people at the ballot box, we will all finally see that the JFK Democratic Party no longer exists, not even in our local party. It was replaced by an extreme liberal agenda that does not represent the majority of people of Nelson County.

David Reed
Proud Democratic candidate for
50th District state representative


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