Fort Knox Federal Credit Union to change name, rebrand as ‘Abound Credit Union’


Monday, Jan. 27, 2020 — After nearly 70 years of service in Central Kentucky, Fort Knox Federal Credit Union announced that effective Feb. 18, 2020, it will change its name to Abound Credit Union.

The name change is an effort to expand the credit union’s customer base by rebranding it with a new logo and name that excludes “federal” from the name.

According to the credit union’s study, the reason more local families don’t join Fort Knox Federal Credit Union is due to a lack of understanding due to the name. The goal is to clarify that the credit union and its membership is open to the members of the community.

The credit union will continue its commitment to the Fort Knox military post.

Current credit union members will not see any changes to their accounts, and the credit union will remain member-owned, as it always has been. Personnel at the credit union branches will not change due to the name change. Phone numbers won’t change either. Employees will get new emails, but the old emails will continue to function into the future.

The Fort Knox credit union website will continue to function, though the main website will change to www.AboundCU.com.

NEARLY 70 YEARS OF HISTORY. On Nov. 22, 1950, Fort Knox Federal Credit Union was organized under a Federal Charter for civilian employees. There were 10 charter members and the credit union was named Fort Knox Civilian Employees Federal Credit Union. The charter was changed July 29, 1960, to accept military personnel into the field of membership. The name was changed to “Fort Knox Federal Credit Union.”

Fort Knox Federal Credit Union has branches in Hardin, Grayson, Meade, Nelson, Boyle, LaRue, Taylor, Bullitt, Warren, and Jefferson counties.

Currently, Fort Knox Federal Credit Union has over 100,000 members with $1.5 billion in assets.


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