COVID-19 update: 1 new case reported in Nelson County; district total now up to 208


Monday, June 1, 2020 — One new COVID-19 case was confirmed in Nelson County on Monday by the Lincoln Trail District Health Department

According to local sources, the new COVID-19 case is a 53-year-old Bardstown woman.

Additional COVID-19 cases were also confirmed Monday in Hardin and Marion counties, with each county confirming four new cases in each county. This brings the Lincoln Trail District’s total to 208 confirmed cases.

The total number of cases per county is as follows:

  • Hardin 104
  • LaRue 9
  • Marion 25
  • Meade 22
  • Nelson 42
  • Washington 6.

NELSON COUNTY CASES. One Nelson County COVID-19 patient remains in the hospital. Five remain on home isolation, and 35 of the county’s total 42 cases have recovered and are no longer being monitored.

MARION COUNTY CASES. None of the Marion County COVID-19 patients are hospitalized. Seven are on home isolation, and 18 of the county’s total 25 cases have recovered and are no longer being monitored.

LINCOLN TRAIL CASES. Six of the Lincoln Trail District’s 208 cases are hospitalized. Twenty-two are on home isolation, and 175 cases have recovered and are no longer being monitored.

SMOKING & VAPING A FACTOR. As the COVID-19 infection rate continues to surge around the U.S., there is emerging evidence regarding the impact of this virus on people who smoke or vape, as well as those who are exposed to secondhand smoke or aerosol. COVID-19 attacks the lungs.

Chemicals in tobacco smoke can damage and weaken lung tissue compromising the body’s ability to fight infection. As a result, smokers have a higher risk of experiencing life-threatening symptoms if they contract the virus. The CDC has found that 78% of people requiring intensive care for COVID-19 had the underlying health status as a current or former smoker.

Research suggests that e-cigarettes also impair the lungs’ ability to fight infection, and that those who vape have delays in recovery when they have respiratory infections. This makes both smoking and vaping a potential risk for severe complications with COVID-19.

Now is a vital time for people to stay “healthy at home” by decreasing exposure to tobacco smoke and e-cigarette aerosol. If you smoke or vape, it is a great time to quit. If you choose to use tobacco, keep the air clear in your home by smoking or vaping outside at least 20 feet from entryways, windows, and vents. To avoid the spread of COVID-19, do not share personal devices like e-cigarettes. For more information on tobacco or cessation, visit quitnowkentucky.org.


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