Lincoln Trail District reports 8 new COVID-19 cases; no new cases in Nelson County


Wednesday, June 3, 2020 — Eight new COVID-19 cases were confirmed in the six-county Lincoln Trail District on Wednesday by the Lincoln Trail District Health Department. The new cases bring the district’s total to 220 cases.

None of the new cases were in Nelson County.

Three new cases were confirmed in Hardin County; two new cases were confirmed in LaRue County and two in Marion County. One new case was confirmed in Meade County.

The total number of cases per county is as follows:

  • Hardin 108
  • LaRue 2
  • Marion 27
  • Meade 23
  • Nelson 44
  • Washington 6

NELSON COUNTY CASES. One COVID-19 patient in Nelson County is currently hospitalized. Six patients are on home isolation, and 36 cases are recovered and no longer being monitored.

MARION COUNTY CASES. Seven COVID-19 patients in Marion County are on home isolation, and 20 have recovered.

LINCOLN TRAIL CASES. In the six-county Lincoln Trail District, 9 COVID-19 patients are hospitalized; 27 are on home isolation, and 179 have recovered and no longer being monitored.

COVID-19 HITS ALL AGES. While the initial news coverage about those most at risk of the ill effects of COVID-19 focused on older adults, recent information from the Centers for Disease Control show that younger populations are also vulnerable.

In Kentucky, 38 percent of COVID-19 cases have been in those under 40 years of age.


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