Deputies deliver baby boy early Friday morning in rural Nelson County


Friday, June 12, 2020 — Nelson County Sheriff’s Deputies helped deliver a baby early Friday morning at a parking lot on Colonel Cox Road north of Cox’s Creek.

At about 2:17 a.m. Friday, Deputies R. Jonathan Riley, Levi Preston and R. Downs responded to call for help from a man who said his wife was in active labor. While en route to the location, Riley contacted his sister, Brooke Dadisman, who is a nurse at Flaget Memorial Hospital’s birthing center. Once officers arrived, with Dadisman’s help, it was determined the baby would arrive before the mother could make it to the hospital.

At about 2:37 a.m., Deputy Riley, with the assistance of his sister by telephone and Deputies Preston and Riley at the scene, delivered a baby boy.

Nelson County EMS arrived and the mother and newborn were transported to Flaget Memorial Hospital where the child and parents are reportedly doing well.


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