Nelson County Marriage Licenses — May 2020

Johnny Robert Wright Jr., 23, IT tech supervisor, and Rebecca Ann Hardin, 22, benefits consultant, both of Bardstown.

Larry Brent Childress, 52, specialty food, and Jennifer Lynn McClure, 46, manager, both of Bardstown.

Cora Joe-Rose Moore, 26, production technician, and Courtney Lynn Goottee, 25, restaurant worker, both of Cox’s Creek.

Jason Levi Clements, 24, construction worker, and Jessica Ann Walsh, 25, teacher, both of Bardstown.

Krystal Nicole Waddell, 31, n/a, and Nicholas Vincent Mooney, 32, n/a, both of Cox’s Creek.

Abagail Renee Robertson, 22, brand ambassador, and Ethan Dale Fleming, 23, electrician, both of Bardstown.

James Anthony Downs, 60, retired, and Pamela Jones Robinson, 59, retired, both of Bardstown.

Michael Joseph Keaney, 34, salesman, and Victoria Paige Armst Thomas, 30, warehouse operator, both of Bardstown.

Alexis Nicole Davis, 21, certified medical assistant, and Jonathan Austen Snider, 25, sanitation lead, both of Bardstown.

Kayla Gayle Reece, 24, therapist, and Kevin Charles Adams, 25, front end team lead, both of Bardstown.

Anthony Levi Downs, 22, mechanic, and Amber Nicole Seebold, 25, retail accounting clerk, both of Bardstown.

Sean Patrick Guthrie, 31, program director,, and Ariana Isabel Ortiz, 31, office manager, both of Cox’s Creek.

Nicholas Alexander Downs, 29, purchasing agent, and Sarah Clarice Spurling, 26, registered medical assistant, both of Bardstown.

Mark Anthony Cornett Jr., 25, field tech, and Laura Beth Thompson, 24, pharmacy tech, both of Bardstown.

Corey Charles Miracle, 21, n/a, Frankfort, and Taryn Deanne Roby, 21 n/a, Cox’s Creek.

Joseph Gary Pottinger, 67, retired, Bardstown, and Kathy Marie Vertrees, 70, retired, Louisville.

Pamela Ann Whallen, 55, motel manager, and William Edward Ratchford, 56, unemployed, both of Bardstown.


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